The dream catcher, essential in the nursery

The dream catcher, essential in the nursery

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Decidedly, the Amerindian culture never ceases to influence the decoration of children's bedrooms. After the teepee, the dream catcher managed to infiltrate almost all children's and teenage bedrooms in less than five years. But why such a success?

© Verbaudet 1, 2… 3 dream catchers to defeat the monsters under the bed!

The dreamcatcher captures the nightmares

Before being a simple decorative accessory, the dream catcher is a traditional Native American object supposed to capture nightmares and let pass only sweet dreams. The net woven inside the willow hoop acts as a magic filter that captures night visions, and only releases beautiful images through feathers and hanging pearls. Magic, right? If few parents really believe in the filtering power of this craft object, many people use it to try to overcome the fear of the wolf and the night awakenings ... Behind each dream catcher, there is often a big nightmare that it had to strike!

© Maison du MondeA romantic dream catcher for a little girl's room

The dreamcatcher is ultra decorative

In the children's room, the dream catcher allows you to decorate the walls without abusing stickers and posters. Easy to install and move, it brings personality to the room and keeps very long to make nightmares flee ... More generally, the dream catcher is also a 100% decorative accessory, which responds well to current desires authenticity and naturalness. In the same spirit as wall hangings, suspended plants and light garlands, dream catchers dress a wall with elegance, poetry and originality. In a bohemian chic style, he invites himself in all the rooms of the house to bring an ethnic touch to an empty wall.

© Madame decorates The dream catcher is not just for children!

The dream catcher is available in all styles

Faced with such a craze, brands were quick to react and the offer of dreamcatchers available on the market today is surprising. Ethnic or contemporary, bohemian or geometric, white or colorful, in the shape of a star, heart or rosette, dreamcatchers adapt to all decorative desires. So much so that we can also very well find dreamcatchers on paintings, canvases, duvet covers, candles, key chains, stickers ...

© Maisons du Monde A dream catcher painting to hang on the wall

The dream catcher makes itself

But perhaps what most explains this trend that seems to drag on is that the dream catcher can also be easily made at home. The weaving technique is easily acquired by following the many tutorials available on the internet and allows you to create models perfectly suited to your desires. Even better, there is no need to tie the threads inside the ring, we can also create a contemporary dreamcatcher by simply knotting a few threads… So, let's get started? 10 dream catchers to make yourself


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