Before / after: build a master suite in the attic

Before / after: build a master suite in the attic

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Create a parental suite under the roof? A dream become possible in this originally inaccessible attic! The unused space under the eaves has been given a nice facelift under the magic wand of Notes by Styles Enterprise. No less than 50m2 highlighted to create an intimate and raised cocoon in the house. A great achievement ... and as much inspiration to gain precious square meters in the house. Read instead! Surface: 50m2 Agency: Style Notes Study: 2 months Budget: 50,000 euros Duration of works: 4 months

Before: square meters lost in an unused attic

To build this beautiful master suite under the roof, the architects of Styles Enterprise Notes went from far away. Originally: a derelict, untapped, inaccessible attic and no less than 50m2 lost under the roofs ... A roof for city dwellers in need of square meters! To remedy the lack of space, the owners of this house came up with the idea of ​​creating a master suite in the attic. They entrusted the site to Notes de Styles. Everything remained to be done. The photos at the front show us how the architects have shown a good capacity for projection to transform the old dusty attic into a cozy nest under the roofs. The treatment of the roof was a major step in the work. As soon as the authorizations were obtained, the framework was reinforced and the space opened up to the sky with the installation of new roof windows (Velux®). Forget the attic in need of light! To take advantage of this natural light gain , it was of course necessary to make the new floor accessible. To do this, the architects of Notes de Styles installed a hopper above the staircase which descended to the basement. The solid beech staircase was made to measure with reduced step heights to promote a gentle slope. It remained to connect the attic to the network before fitting out the new parental suite under the roofs…

Before: an unused barn and no less than 50m2 of lost space!

A 3 in 1 master suite under the roof

We hardly dare believe that we are here in the old unused barn as it is unrecognizable. After the passage of the architects, three separate spaces joined by the decoration modulate the surface recovered under the roofs of the house. The pleasure of having your own corner is multiplied by three! On one side is the bedroom, bathed in light. It stands out with its clean lines and the cocoon atmosphere reinforced by the attic spaces. The couple also benefit from their own water feature and rediscover (finally!) The definition of the word "privacy". The junction between the sleeping area and the bathroom is made through the office space delimited by a beautiful artist's glass roof which adds cachet to the parental suite without obscuring or shrinking it. On the bath side, the space is subdivided into two parts. Basically, the shower area (140x90cm) hidden behind a small partition is judiciously hidden from view. On the other side of the wall, a vanity unit and custom storage are sublimated by the cement tiles and the canopy. We can clearly see through this realization how the partial partitions allow the volumes to communicate with each other. The traffic is fluid, both for the inhabitants of the house but also for the light that thrives in every corner of the parental suite. Intimacy and space coexist in harmony… The happy owners of this room have plenty of time to taste the delicious feeling of weightlessness offered by the (well) furnished spaces under the eaves.

After: three separate and well distributed spaces (bedroom, office, bathroom).

More comfort and space saving for the master suite in the attic

At a time when city dwellers are living more and more cramped, creating a master suite on the roof has all the good idea to improve its comfort and its living space. Energy renovation obliges, a 30cm thick BBC insulation was installed to preserve the parental cocoon. Same fight to strengthen the thermal insulation between the ground floor and the parental suite in the making. Here, the floor has been straightened and insulated with cork sheets and OSB panels. Thanks to this shocking duo, the master suite in the attic gains thermal, acoustic and energy comfort. An investment compensated by a reduced VAT to 5.5% and a tax credit of 30% for the owners of the house ... Of course, when we use the roof space, the game consists in knowing how to take advantage of every corner for create storage. Here, the attic spaces hide lots of storage behind sliding doors. On the bedroom side, small niches dug into the wall keep bedside books close at hand. On the office side, we also cut corners on the smallest square centimeter of surface to wedge storage above the stairs. By capitalizing on the development potential located under the roofs, the house has gained in surface area, comfort ... and real estate value. A fine example of transformation for this attic which is no longer one!

Despite the glass roof, the privacy of the shower and toilet is preserved.