Shower or bath: what to choose?

Shower or bath: what to choose?

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Because we inevitably ask ourselves the question one day, whether we are looking for a rental or a property to buy, each one has its requirements concerning the bathroom or the master bedroom. Here are our tips to help you make a choice between a shower and a bathtub!

The dilemma between the shower and the bathtub

We may not succeed in deciding because we cannot choose between the two! The choice will be narrower depending on the composition of your family, if you have young children or are you planning to have one? Also take into account the size of the bathroom. If it is small, perhaps it makes more sense to install a shower and a double sink. The question does not arise for very small bathrooms , where there is no room to put a bathtub, including a corner bathtub. Obviously, the ideal is to have a bathtub that can be used in the shower, so we will favor a transparent shower screen to enlarge the space.

Shower or bath: your lifestyle will help you choose.

The disadvantages of a shower in the bathroom

When you are a parent of young children, it is still very practical to have a bathtub. Children like to relax in the bath and play with the foam and their toys. Without a bathtub, there is the option of placing a small baby bathtub in the shower but this option is possible up to 3 years only and if you have several children, they will not be able to take the bath together. Even without being parents, we all dream of a relaxing bath after a difficult day. Even if people who have a bathtub do not take a bath every 2 days, having a bathtub is a pleasure for those days when you want to take a good bubble bath!

The benefits of a shower in the bathroom

Favoring a shower in a bathroom first of all saves space, the bathroom is functional and practical. Especially when you live in the city and the average size of a bathroom does not exceed 4 to 5 square meters. We can opt for the big trend of Italian shower for the sleek design and practicality. Mobility level, we prefer the shower to the bathtub when we get a little older, this is an aspect that should not be overlooked. Think about the resale of your apartment or your house, to which public is your property aimed? Is it a rather family target or can it interest an elderly couple? Obviously, when you are lucky enough to have two bathrooms with shower and bathtub, the question does not arise anymore!

The shower is ideal in a small bathroom.

The advantages of a bathtub in the bathroom

As a young mother, I will not be able to do without my bathtub. Pregnant, a good hot bath allows you to relax and attenuate the contractions a little before leaving for maternity ... Then to give your baby baths from the 3rd / 4th month because he quickly feels narrow in the little baby tub. My son likes to take baths and play in water and foam. This allows him to relax and unwind after the day. And for parents, a little bath from time to time doesn't hurt either! Depending on the layout, the desired style and the surface of the bathroom, you can choose a basic rectangular model, an oval, round, freestanding bathtub or a corner bathtub. If you have a large bathroom or a large master suite, you will be able to place it in the center to highlight it. Ideally, the size of the bath should adapt to the morphology of each member of the family so that everyone can enjoy it.

The bathtub is very nice when you have young children…

The disadvantages of a bathtub in the bathroom

The major drawback of a bathtub in the bathroom is obviously the loss of space, especially in a small bathroom. And if you think about the planet, it's best not to take a bath every day. After all is a matter of discernment, better to take a small bath than a long shower! For example, for a shower of more than 10 minutes, we will consume as much as for a bath, because we never fill the bath to the brim ... We must therefore manage our time to save water! So rather a shower or a bathtub?