All about noise reduction paint

All about noise reduction paint

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Noise pollution is a recurring reason for complaints, which is the source of many neighborhood conflicts. Faced with this noise pollution, everyone seeks a parade. Latest innovation to date: anti-noise paint! What is its operating principle? Is it really effective? To learn all about noise reduction paint, follow the guide!

Noise reduction paint, how does it work?

In their quest for a paint capable of attenuating noise, industrialists became interested in the composition of the snow in our mountains. It has an amazing ability to muffle sounds. The explanation for this phenomenon is to be found in terms of the physical structure of snow: the air micro-pockets it contains absorb sound waves, thus limiting their propagation. It only remained for our industrialists to imitate nature, by incorporating micro-beads of air or glass into their paint. Noise reduction paint was born.

For a cocoon effect in children's rooms, noise-canceling paint is a solution!

How effective is noise reduction paint?

Studies carried out by the Center Scientifique du Bâtiment have shown that noise-canceling paint allows a reduction in sound volume from 3 to 15 decibels. Its effectiveness is particularly appreciable when it comes to limit the propagation of noise shrill and high pitched, such as alarms or telephone rings. On the other hand, if your neighbor above indulges in the joys of the drill on its concrete walls, you will need to find a parade of a completely different nature!

Noise reduction paint is effective against waking your neighbor!

On the decorative side, noise reduction paint can be discreet!

Attenuating noises is one thing, beautifying your interior is another! Noise reduction paint does not, strictly speaking, play a decorative role. It is an acrylic paint, generally matt white, which acts as undercoat . You are free to apply a traditional colored paint over it! Be discreet while protecting yourself from noise pollution, this is the promise kept by noise-canceling paint…

Noise reduction paint will not harm your decor ... Test and tell us what you think!