5 original recipes to use your barbecue unexpectedly

5 original recipes to use your barbecue unexpectedly

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For a summer meal with family or friends, the friendliness and lightness of barbecue cooking make it our best ally. However, between meat, chipolatas and merguez, we generally only use 10% of the gastronomic possibilities it offers us. So, to fully enjoy the festive barbecue meals, you wake up your taste buds by discovering new flavors. Here are all the ideas tested and approved to vary the barbecue recipes!

Grilled seasonal vegetable kebabs

To change meat or as an accompaniment, vegetables offer new flavors after they have passed through the grill. But there is no question of offering vegetables with a bland and grilled taste at the same time, which will be welcomed by children with a nice grin. To delight the eyes and surprise the palate, we cook colorful skewers with a fresh and pronounced taste. Cut your vegetables into cubes or thin slices with a mandolin. The key to successful cooking: choose a thickness suited to the cooking time of each vegetable. The longer the vegetable takes to cook, the thinner the slices and the smaller the dice. The secret to tasty vegetables: Let them marinate overnight in the seasoning of your choice. For example in olive oil seasoned with salt, pepper, aromatic herbs, spices and why not a drop of spicy oil to spice it up. It's the detail that makes all the difference and that allows you to create associations of flavors that are always different.

We do not forget his creativity to create beautiful kebabs!

Original homemade fries, cooked on the barbecue

If there is indeed an essential garnish, appreciated by children as by the older ones, it is the fries! But between the smells of oil and the preparation time, well motivated one who will prepare 100% homemade fries. Really ? That was without counting my recipe for barbecue fries, and without the smell of frying! Prick a steamed potato on a skewer. Cut the potato to create a spiral, then spread the different slices to make cooking easier. Leave to marinate in the oil for ten minutes, then season to your liking. We can create fries with herbs, paprika, chilli… treat yourself! The thinner your cut, the crispier your fries. Turn the skewer over so that it grills evenly. And after a few minutes on the grill, you can taste this original accompaniment, both crisp and mellow. Expect to be asked for the recipe!

We made the fries even more fun to eat!

The pepper: a container that gives flavor!

When we are told barbecue, we rather think of crisp and crisp textures. But you can make it creamy by preparing fish cooked in sauce. Sauce on a barbecue? It is possible by using a pepper as a container! Empty half a pepper and fill it with diced salmon, cream cheese and a mixture of aromatic herbs. While cooking, the pepper releases its water which delicately scents the garnish. A true delight ! From this recipe, we can imagine endless variations: by replacing the pepper with a chilli or by decorating the garnish to your taste. And for those who are more dessert, we cook half a nectarine with chocolate and marshmallows at the heart!

That's why peppers are hollow!

A summer fondue, cooked on the barbecue

For lovers of processed cheese, this is something to please you when the time for raclettes and fondues is already far away. To be enjoyed with vegetables, a salad or simply with bread, the barbecue lets us discover the cheeses in a different light. For a summer fondue, place the cheese directly on the barbecue. For a cheese that risks sinking (camembert, St Marcellin…) we make a small origami box with aluminum foil. Cleaning the grates will be easier and above all, you will not risk losing part of your meal in the embers! To taste the melted Camembert, we marry it with the apple by preparing pieces to dip in the cheese. As for a Savoyard fondue! And for those who swear by goat cheese, why not try hot goat's kebabs?

A less healthy recipe, but just as delicious!

The barbecue skewers of childhood

The fruits also lend themselves very well to barbecue and keep all their freshness. Inspired by the cooking of meats, we created many easy and quick recipes, to bring a light and sweet note at the end of a meal. But before launching, we take care to clean the grates well so as not to have any surprises on the seasoning! We revisit the classic barbecue, the skewers, in a sweet version. We alternate strawberries and marshmallows that we place on the grid, protected by aluminum foil. And after a few minutes of cooking we taste the crunch of the strawberry and the sparkling marshmallow on which the fruit juice has caramelized. Simple and delicious! As with meat, you can also marinate its fruit before cooking, in lemon liqueur or syrup, to obtain a different or more caramelized taste. And if you find that everything is always better with chocolate, prepare your fruit in foil. Wrap your fruit and chocolate squares in aluminum foil and let it melt on the fire.

Easy to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day!