How to clean a plancha?

How to clean a plancha?

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1. The right utensils

First good news: if you are wondering how to clean a plancha, be aware that you will not need to arm yourself with specific utensils or gadgets. And whether your plancha is gas or electric, steel, stainless steel or enamelled cast iron - even if the latter material is to be treated with more delicacy.

However, for clean a plancha correctly, you will imperatively need some essential accessories:

  • The maintenance spatula, which is automatically supplied with the device,
  • A sponge.
  • And absorbent paper.

In terms of cleaning products, a plancha can be cleaned with dishwashing liquid and vegetable oil, or even white vinegar, the king of ecological cleaning products!

2. Hot cleaning of the plancha

For clean a plancha, hot cleaning is the simplest and most effective method ... finally, provided that your plancha is not too dirty. As the name suggests, hot cleaning requires scouring the plancha plate when the latter is still hot, by pouring water into it and scraping using your spatula to remove the grease and direct it to the drain pan.
It is a very fast cleaning, and you can even do it between two cooking rounds to save time on deeper cleaning at the end of use.

On the other hand, to prolong the lifespan of your appliance, avoid the ice cube technique (pour ice cubes on the hot plate instead of water) which inflicts a too brutal thermal shock on your plancha and risks it. damage.

3. How to cold clean a plancha?

Unlike hot cleaning, the cold cleaning of a plancha requires that it be turned off and completely cooled. This type of plancha cleaning is actually more difficult, because the fats have had time to settle and stick to the baking sheet ... but it is also the safest method for those who fear getting burned !

To clean a plancha in the cold, take your spatula to remove the grease, then pass over the entire surface a non-abrasive sponge with a little washing-up liquid and warm water.

4. The maintenance of a plancha

You will understand, a good cleaning the plate of your plancha is essential to continue using it for as long as possible and to make cooking optimal for preserving the flavors of the food. But a good cleaning of plancha does not stop just at the hob: never forget to also clean the parts located under the appliance (grease can also lodge there) with a simple degreasing product. Finally, the anti-rust tip is to apply vegetable oil to the plate, after each cleaning, using an absorbent paper.

5. Protecting your plancha

To guarantee its durability, a good cleaning of your plancha does not exclude protecting it properly when you are not using it. If inside it is less exposed, outside in winter, you should cover it with a protective cover to protect it from bad weather and dirt.

When you are going to use it again, start a dry cooking, without food, to start it again, applying a little white vinegar to eliminate bad odors.