IFAT: training as an interior designer that combines creative pleasure and technical requirements

IFAT: training as an interior designer that combines creative pleasure and technical requirements

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From the first to the 5th year of the Master, the school supports students to train in a difficult job, because it is both creative and extremely technical. The teaching team is made up of twenty active professionals but also regular speakers. The BDI, office of Ifatiens, welcomes and guides newcomers in order to prepare them to integrate the school under the best possible conditions.

The course alternates internships, lessons, and practice. If the drawing has the good share in the first year, the technologies, the plastic and the technique are approached thereafter. Thanks to many partners, the school teaches students how to respond to a brief, whatever constraints they may have, and also to respond to calls for tenders by participating in competitions each year.

A school that trains professionals

Specializing in the profession of interior architecture, the school trains the future professional to adapt to the constant evolution of the market while standing out and being force of proposal. Beyond training students, the school, as a small structure, evolves and grows at the same time as its students. Thus, the alumni network is very active, and allows mutual support and a strong feeling of belonging to IFAT.

Many graduates regularly welcome students on internships, and the school is also recognized by the professional world, notably the CFAI (French Council of Interior Architects). The future professionals come out of school with a strong apprenticeship, and know how to both manage teams as prime contractor, but also design plans, from drawing to carrying out these.

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