What wallpaper to choose in the kitchen?

What wallpaper to choose in the kitchen?

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A wallpaper for the kitchen: a washable model or nothing!

One thing is certain: a kitchen wallpaper should above all be easy to clean. Indeed, as the kitchen is a room in which it is easy to make splashes and therefore stains on the walls, you will therefore need a model of washable wallpaper, or washable and brushable, which has the advantage:

  • To be waterproof.
  • To withstand successive cleanings, even with a scouring sponge.
  • To be resistant to cleaning products

You will understand: choose a washable kitchen wallpaper, that is to say “yes” to an easier daily maintenance!

Waterproof or non-woven vinyl wallpaper for the kitchen

Very popular, the vinyl wallpaper is a good solution for decorating the walls of a kitchen. Thanks to its PVC layer, it is very resistant, waterproof, and can be cleaned in two stages three movements. And if one day you get tired of it, you will have no difficulty taking it off to replace it! In addition, today, there are many models that will easily adapt to the style of your room: patterned vinyl wallpaper, wood effect, concrete or natural stone, imitation cement tiles ... there is something for everyone tastes.

Small variant of vinyl wallpaper: the non-woven wallpaper, a wallpaper made of polyester fibers and cellulose and covered with a layer of vinyl which makes it waterproof. If you choose this type of wallpaper, choose it thick. The thicker it is, the more resistant it will be to the ambient humidity in the kitchen.

Some tips to protect your kitchen wallpaper

If you still fall for a wallpaper model that is neither vinyl nor washable, a few tips can save you the day.
You can cover your wallpaper with protective varnish called "washer", which will make it washable. However, test this varnish on a scrap of wallpaper before applying it over the entire surface to make sure that the paper responds well to the product!

You can also place a Plexiglas® plate in front of your wallpaper to protect it from splashes and other grease stains. The end result may not be as qualitative, but it's a good display to install a favorite wallpaper in the kitchen!

Wallpaper in the kitchen: good decor ideas

If you want the kitchen to be at the heart of your home and create a link with all the other rooms, opt for a kitchen wallpaper with wood, concrete or plain effect which will blend perfectly with the decor. If on the contrary you are looking to clearly delimit the spaces and make your kitchen a separate room, do not hesitate to opt for a wallpaper in bright colors or with patterns that will stand out with the other rooms.

Very fashionable right now in the kitchen, wallpaper with gourmet prints has no equal in mouth watering: fruits, vegetables, cakes… chewable patterns that find their perfect place in a kitchen.

To visually enlarge a small space, line one wall with light kitchen wallpaper, and the other darker: this will create an impression of depth.
Ditto if you put only a strip of plain wallpaper on a wall, and a patterned strip on the opposite wall: the room will seem enlarged!