How to put a work plan?

How to put a work plan?

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We are giving ourselves a new work plan to give a facelift to the kitchen! And if like many individuals you are a fan of home-made, the editorial team offers you a simple but effective manual to ask this new element in 5 steps.

Our 5 steps

- The ideal material - The preparation of the places - The cuts - The fixing of work plan - The finishes

1. The ideal material

To set up your work plan you will need: * Two trestles * A spirit level * A ruler and a square * A pencil * A clamp * Silicone seals * A work plan cut to adequate dimensions * A saw * A drill and a drill

2. Site preparation

Before starting work, we check that the kitchen is ready to accommodate the work plan in the best conditions. * Cut the connections to the various networks (water, gas, electricity) in your kitchen. * Check using a spirit level that the reception area - or the furniture on which the plan will come to rest, are straight and in good condition. * Measure each element that will come to integrate the future plan: hobs, sink or others. If your work plan will be free of any accessories, you can simply check the installation measures (width, length and depth of the space) to readjust the plan if necessary.

3. The cuts

Depending on the nature of your kitchen and the cooking elements, you may need to make additional cuts. Be careful however, if the kitchen is arranged in a singular way (many angles or curved space) it is preferable that you bring in a professional to help you. For a more ordinary installation, here is the procedure: * Install the plan on stable trestles, and adjust its dimensions using a jigsaw with an inverted blade, taking care to trace the cut in pencil beforehand. * Do the same for the kitchen elements to be integrated by plotting the measurements on the board. Then drill several holes (with a drill and a wood drill) inside your drawing to be able to insert the saw before cutting. * Coarsely smooth your cuts with sandpaper for a cleaner result before installing your worktop in its future place.

4. The fixing of the work plan

You must now fix this freshly cut surface on the furniture to obtain a perfectly equipped kitchen! * Place the worktop gently on the furniture, then use the clamp to keep it in a static position. * Then screw the two parts - cabinet top and worktop, from below using through screws. * Repeat the operation approximately every 50 cm to ensure that the unit remains solid. * Do not hesitate to leave your clamp in place for an hour to maintain a certain stability.

5. Finishes

We pamper our work for a flawless result. * Dust the assembly using a vacuum cleaner to remove the remaining wood chips and a cloth to remove small residues. * Once everything is clean, apply a silicone seal to the part attached to the wall. * Depending on the type of work plan chosen, do not hesitate to feed it and protect it with oils and varnish if necessary. A quick operation that will allow you to appreciate your masterpiece as long as possible!