6 ideas for a quirky decor in my living room

6 ideas for a quirky decor in my living room

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Today we forget the discipline and the interiors too wise to give voice to the quirky style. This decoration outsider, sitting at the back of the class knows how to stand out… and that's why we love him too. Want to break away from boredom? We tell you how to adopt the quirky decor in your living room. Let's be casual!

Clear colors for a quirky style in the living room

Off-white, taupe, anthracite gray… don't even think about it! The offbeat decor dare the bright, pop, contrasting, even garish colors… A mustard yellow wall, a Klein blue table, an armchair with patchwork prints or a flowerpot dressed in urban knitting with variegated stripes: everything is allowed… provided, however, never fall into chromatic excess! To avoid crossing the border, we limit the color to a few elements that we combine with shades full of restraint. The offbeat style may be undisciplined, but it is not angry with everyone, quite the contrary.

Geographical patterns on the walls, bright colors and psychedelic effect: we love it!

Mismatched furniture for an original decor in the living room

Matching frames on the wall? No thanks. The offbeat style focuses on the mixture of genres in decoration ... So we mix, we alternate, we mix, we combine, we interweave and we reconcile materials, shapes, styles, prints and colors. Who said that a vintage armchair was not made to get along with herringbone cushions and psychedelic wallpaper ? To make this beautiful world interact around the living room, we follow a common thread: a color, a style, a material, an era or a shape. But if we choose a color, we vary the styles; if we choose an era, we multiply the materials! Thus, the art of mismatched furniture takes precedence over smooth and uniform decorations to create an effect of dissonance subtly offset…

On the one hand: fully retro! On the other, Scandinavian simplicity and charged patterns confront each other!

Unconventional objects an offbeat decor

Who said that the slogan "imagination in power" dear to the sixty-eight was no longer valid? In the living room in any case, it is thanks to some unconventional objects of the most beautiful visual effect ... Among these decorative UFOs: a table football, an indoor hammock (or swing), a wall of rock climbing, Aunt Gisèle's old telephone or (go crazy!) a bike hanging on the wall ... Offset decorative effect 100% guaranteed! We like the idea of ​​these "crazy" objects which refuse standards and which twist the living room casually.

You had to think about it but the bike in the living room is 100% decorative!

The humor card for an original decor

The offbeat style does not take itself seriously and it affirms it loud and clear with retro-funny accessories, superheroes and stickers with humorous patterns ... By playing the card of humor, these funny objects, nothing regressive, a bit provocative create dissonance and make people smile. A nice way to bring positive vibes into the house, because humor, it is well known, is contagious. Beware of slippage, however ... If humor is a leitmotif (among others) of your decor, it must remain fine and subtle at the risk of rocking your living room on the kitsch side of force.

Shoe fetishists, don't hesitate to reproduce this decoration at home!

Hijacked items and DIY

Mirrored tennis rackets, a skateboard transformed into an animal trophy, a wall playing on a slate board or a wooden ladder adorned with a thousand accessories… With a little imagination and skill, it is possible to divert lots of furniture and objects to create an ultra original decor. We like the idea of ​​these creations that shake up the decor codes and that are talked about. Beware however of the accumulation effect. If a basket (or colander) diverted in suspension ignites the atmosphere of the most beautiful shifted effect, an excess of diverted objects can quickly sow the bazaar in the decoration. DIY and diverted objects are therefore to be used sparingly.

A holiday air hangs over the decor with this pretty oar hanging on the wall!

Quirky decor: a question of balance

If the quirky decor excels in the staging of objects, furniture and creations that catch the eye, it is by composing with other decor styles more "aesthetically correct" that it reveals all its power. Industrial, Scandinavian, vintage, contemporary, bohemian and / or ethnic styles (to name a few) happily coexist with the nuggets of the quirky style. Number of cafes, lofts, warehouses and / or alternative cultural places bring styles together brilliantly to enhance their universe with creative effusion. What inspire the decor of your living room!

With an offbeat decor, you make your interior unique: we envy you!