The 10 decoration trends 2018 according to Pinterest

The 10 decoration trends 2018 according to Pinterest

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More than 14 billion ideas on Pinterest, it's probably a little too much if you want to be immediately aware of the 2018 trends. Fortunately the application performs clever calculations to extract the most popular ideas or in the process of becoming so. And here is the result in decoration! 10 decor ideas that you can already find in store or integrate for your next projects.

The mix of metals

By opening up the market, copper in the decor has allowed metals to regain their luster of yesteryear. Today, they mingle happily to sparkle in our interiors. Silver, gold, copper or bronze, we no longer have to choose, we can have them all!

Green addict

The green trend is confirmed and not only for ecology. After the resounding success of “Mint” or mint green, we are witnessing the arrival of greens such as sage green or verdigris for decoration. These greens have the distinction of being soft and soothing, ideal for living rooms such as the living room and bedroom.

The ceiling turns

The walls have seen all colors and shapes in recent years. Between the return of the exuberant wallpaper, the multiple facings or the graphic paintings, we seem to have gone around the walls. Finally, maybe not all the walls because you just have to raise your head to notice that the ceiling is still devoid of decoration. Never mind, here is our new creative space.

The luxury bathroom

To be fit in 2018, it is not only a question of sleeping well but also of waking up well. If the bedroom guarantees a good sleep, it is the bathroom that takes care of providing us with the weapons to spend a great day. This room is therefore strategic, and we have not yet found anything better for its well-being than to furnish it in a palace style.

The return of the terrazo

Terrazzo has been watching us for a few years. Problem: this assembly of marbled debris remains a luxury and we do not change the floor like a shirt. To bring the terrazzo into your home, today there are possible bypasses such as decorative objects (lamp or vase) or even, as in the image, wallpaper that brings the colors of the terrazzo without having to break everything at itself.

Art max version

If 2017 saw the emergence of a certain attraction for walls entirely covered with frames, 2018 could reverse this trend with the arrival of maxi wall decorations. Posters or photos, in both cases, you display your preference in large, even very large. It is a quirky way to invest in minimalism by integrating gigantism.

Plant geometry

Since cacti and succulents have reconciled us with houseplants, it's time to take it to the next level. The only condition: the 2018 plants must keep a very strong decorative dimension. If the Sansevieria and the Monstera Deliciosa are still current, other plants come to take root in our contemporary interiors such as the Maranta or the Calathea, plants with leaves so well drawn that you would think they were painted. Works of art which, in addition, require very little maintenance. The perfect combo!

Wooden stamp

We all love the floors but it has become so obvious that to stand out, the wooden floor must now play eccentrics. For those who dare to cross the line, they can paint their wooden floor. White is highly appreciated especially in Scandinavian interiors. In contrast, the black painted parquet floor stands out in more masculine rooms. Finally, the most cautious will opt for a herringbone parquet which has the advantage of playing on both tables, classic and contemporary.

Inlay complex

Since we are at wood, it is time to evoke the great return of marquetry, this cabinetmaker technique of assembling several wooden elements geometrically. The current success of geometric patterns has undoubtedly played in favor of this return and this is not to displease us. Contemporary marquetry furniture has a warm and luxurious side that cannot leave you indifferent. The proof with a picture.

Welcome to our house !

To hell with the greyness! The trend is for bright colors for front doors, to mark his fight against gloom and prevent any bad mood from entering his interior. Conversely, we invite any fantasy to come thanks to welcoming messages on the doormats. If in addition calligraphy gets involved, we will have the perfect entry. In store, the messages are rather English, but nothing prevents you from opting for a DIY version.


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