Top 8 colors in my kitchen

Top 8 colors in my kitchen

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The kitchen is above all a convivial living space, where it is good to exchange delicious moments around a table. So of course, the decor must respect the atmosphere you want to have there. Sometimes it only takes a little to give style to the kitchen and boost the room… Here are 8 inspirations of colors for the kitchen.

Black paint for an industrial kitchen

It may not be the first color that comes to mind immediately to revamp your kitchen, but black may transform your room. So if you are still hesitating about the choice of colors in the kitchen, you will have to seriously dare. This shade will suit perfectly if you want to obtain an industrial and contemporary decoration in the kitchen. for example she goes very well with metal furniture , from bronze to copper through brass, but also to wooden furniture. All you have to do is add retro lights to have a Brooklyn loft-style kitchen. We validate!

In black and white, the kitchen plays the card of modernity. Very effective !

Life in pink in my kitchen

Second decorative inspiration, always very daring: pink. Yes, you read that right, shades of pink are more than trendy in this living room. Far from the kitsch clichés, pink is reinventing itself with subtlety and lightness like Scandinavian decor. If you are looking for example to add cachet to this room, choose the mixture of textures and materials, such as the use of a pastel pink paint on a concrete wall, decorated with designer accessories in brushed metal. Result? You will get an elegant kitchen with a healthy glow effect.

Pink bet, daring bet! There is no doubt that your cuisine will be very original!

Vitamin-rich citrus colors in the kitchen

Choosing the right colors in the kitchen is not always easy. There is no secret, to give a second youth to this piece, the trick is to bet on tart colors. From lemon yellow to electric orange, the addition of such colors in this living room will revitalize your decor and bring a modern atmosphere. Be careful not to overload the kitchen too much. Choose one of the kitchen walls with some vitamin accessories or if you opt for all the walls, soften everything with more monochrome furniture and decor. Perfect for energetic breakfasts before arriving at the office.

Forget the coffee, this orange kitchen will be enough to wake you up!

A chocolate palette for convivial cuisine

To obtain a friendly, sophisticated and sweet atmosphere, chocolate is one of the ideal colors in the kitchen. Whether on the furniture or on the walls, the shades of brown will bring more character to the decor of your room. Chocolate shades are for example to be preferred if you have an American kitchen open to the dining room or the living room. This will allow you to delimit these two spaces gently without marking the room too much. Clever isn't it?

An all-chocolate cuisine: it is ideal for preparing good gourmet cakes!

Emerald green for natural cuisine

Once again, you should not be afraid to dare this color in the kitchen: the emerald green is worth the detour (promised)! This deep green will dress your room with a touch of retro elegance. The trick: choose a specific space in the kitchen that you want to decorate with emerald green. If you cover the whole room with paint, you risk having a slightly charged effect and eventually getting bored after a few months. Also favor tapestries or quality paintings that will ensure a sophisticated shade. You will then have no regrets.

Green cuisine, for fun all day long!

Sand tones for a sweet kitchen

For a more authentic and soft decoration, prefer neutral color paints in the kitchen. The beige, sand or off-white tones combine very well with raw wood, for a slightly rustic and warm effect. The little extra of this color palette in the kitchen is that it will allow you to keep this ultra bright living room and give the illusion of a larger space. Not to mention that these tones are timeless, perfect to last for many years.

This predominantly sand cuisine creates a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Shades of gray for a modern kitchen

Without hesitation, gray is one of the colors to adopt in the kitchen. Contemporary, soft and design, this shade is the perfect balance to give elegance to the decor of your room without overdoing it. From blue-gray to deeper shades of gray, this modern palette is increasingly used especially if you want to give a Nordic hygge look to your kitchen. What bring freshness and dynamism in the kitchen. A faultless insurance.

Gray is a safe color: both soft and modern, it is suitable for all kitchens!

An ultra gourmet brick red kitchen

If you are still hesitating about the choice of colors in the kitchen, why not opt ​​for brick red? The middle ground if you do not dare cherry red but want to give personality and character to your room. Have fun playing with textures, accessories and different shades of red to spice up your decor. Again, be careful not to overload the room: opt for a wall panel and some designer accessories. A nice way to whet your appetite. You now have carte blanche on your final choice to find the right color in the kitchen according to your taste.

Red invites itself in the kitchen for a rendering as modern as original!


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