8 utensils for a detox kitchen!

8 utensils for a detox kitchen!

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Tired of festive menus that explode with calories? Did you dream of eating more fruits and vegetables (who would have thought so)? What you need, especially after the holidays, is a new detox routine. To help you keep your good resolutions, we have found 8 original utensils. Long live healthy and easy cooking!

Nomad teapot, € 18.90 *, Crazy Art Factory

After drinking countless glasses of champagne over the holidays, you only want one thing: a detox drink. With its zen and refined design, this nomad teapot should make you want to swallow liters of herbal tea or tea!

Juice extractor, € 349 *, Biochef

As for the detox drink, nothing like a good freshly squeezed fruit juice. If you are adventurous, you can even incorporate vegetables into your recipes. Thanks to this juice extractor, consuming 5 fruits and vegetables per day will be a breeze!

Watermelon and melon cut, € 9 *, Cuisy

You do not eat fruit because you are too lazy to peel it? We understand you. Before, you didn't know this watermelon and melon cutter, but that was before. Now you have the orgy of delicious raw fruit!

Black Birdie tea ball, € 8.63 *, Absolutely design

You know that tea is the detox drink par excellence, purifying and purifying. However, you are not very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​drinking a cup of this relatively tasteless hot drink… Make this moment fun and opt for an original and colorful tea infuser!

Soup bowl, € 9.35 *, La Chaise Longue

It's decided, you start a soup diet. To keep your motivation intact, treat yourself with a soup bowl with an original design. With its lid, it will allow you to keep soups, soups, soups and broths warm!

7-piece slicer and chopper set, € 29.88 *, Enrico

With this all-in-one mandoline slicer and chopper set, you will have endless possibilities of slicing, cutting and chopping vegetables for your gourmet salads! No more foie gras and appetizers for the holidays, it's your good little detox dishes.

Digital thermometer fork, € 10 *, EGO Design

Tired of stuffed turkey or must-have casseroles during the holidays? What would make you happy is a slice of roast, very simple, cooked to the point. With this thermometer fork, your meat will be cooked perfectly, healthy and to your liking!

Set of 6 glass mugs, straws and basket, € 29.90 *, Crazy Art Factory

Without alcohol, the party is crazier! But nothing prevents you from celebrating the tasting, and pouring your delicious detox cocktails in these adorable glass mugs. A slice of lemon or cucumber, a little lemonade and voila! Have you taken a liking to cooking? Find other accessories and utensils here. img id = "246052" / Price found on the site on 25/01/2018, subject to change depending on commercial offers.