Make way for kitchen linens!

Make way for kitchen linens!

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White month obliges, the household linen is put back on the front of the stage… And we are not going to deprive ourselves of it. This time, we will give pride of place to kitchen linen, often forgotten and much too discreet for our taste. Go to the kitchen for your shopping session!

Metallic and silver effect table runner, € 23.90 *, Winkler

Fringes are popular, take the opportunity to highlight them with this table runner 100% cotton. Not only does its metallic effect make it more contemporary, it is also treated against stains. A must-have in your dining room!

Set of 2 napkins, € 11.99 *, Paris Price

Much more chic than the classic paper napkins, these elegant linen napkins will accompany you with each meal. Greener and above all prettier, arrange them at the table as a decorative element in their own right.

Light gray "leaf" placemat, € 2.58 *, Toilinux

Get in touch with nature with this "leaf" placemat, which will bring a touch of originality to your decor. Add classic plates and transparent gray glasses to finish dressing your table and voila!

Skandlife kitchen apron, € 12, Sensei La Maison du Coton

This classic apron plays the effective basic card. Its beige color goes everywhere will give pride of place to your colorful dishes. Hurry, everyone is at the table and yearns to taste your little dishes!

Server apron, € 17.90 *, Winkler

Do you make a point of pampering your guests? This "waiter" style apron is made for you and will make you look like a great chef! All that is missing is the good local products on the work plan and a well laid table.

Belize oven glove, € 6.95 *, Winkler

Who says comfort and style are incompatible? This oven mitt, with patterns inspired by nature, offers you 100% cotton padding to effectively protect you from the heat of your small simmered dishes.

Fjord pot holder, € 5.90 *, Winkler

Inspired by Nordic design, this potholder for the kitchen will ensure hours of cooking without burns or disasters. Minimalist as it should be, it brings a Scandinavian touch and pretty colors, always welcome in winter.

Printed tea towel, € 3.50 * Sensei La Maison du Coton

With its cement tile print, this kitchen towel will dress your kitchen with a Mediterranean air. Very modern, these tiles balance between elegance and originality: a little touch from the south that will wake up your kitchen! Need linen for the whole house? img id = "246433" / Prices noted on the site on 01/23/2018, subject to change based on commercial offers.


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