10 good resolutions for toilets

10 good resolutions for toilets

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Because all good resolutions are good to take, now is also the time to take good resolutions for the toilet! And it is not because this piece is not the most glamorous that it should be underestimated, quite the contrary. The proof with these 10 good resolutions that can change everyday life.

1. I save water

You don't have to be a staunch environmentalist to understand that every flush is a huge waste of drinking water. So to avoid wasting nine liters several times a day, we reduce the capacity of the tank by sliding a closed bottle of water into it or installing a double-touch system. Result: the water bill is reduced and the planet is already doing a little better… 3 simple tips to save water in toilets

2. I clean with natural products

To avoid contaminating the groundwater with ultra-toxic chemicals, they are replaced by natural products such as baking soda, white vinegar, citric acid or hydrochloric acid. With the right method, they are just as effective ... and save a lot of money. 5 grandmother tips for cleaning your toilet

3. I optimize the space in the toilet

Even in a space as small as the toilets, a few well-thought-out arrangements can save space, or even store things at height. If you look closely, you can store not only household products and toilet paper rolls, but also books, boxes, discs…

Space saving: storage space in toilets

4. I tidy up magazines

The magazines invade the living room but you can't throw them away? Why not put them in the toilet? With these 10 ways to store magazines in the toilet you will not hesitate any longer.

5. I want a naturally smelling toilet

Even more than other rooms in the house, the toilets must smell good to be welcoming! So we don't forget to put a scented candle, a matchbox, a bouquet of eucalyptus, a potpourri or an essential oil diffuser! 4 grandmother's tips for smelling toilets

6. I take care of the lighting

In this small room often without windows, lighting is essential. Day and night, it must create a soft and soothing atmosphere. And if it must be enough, it must not be too violent either, it's all a question of balance! What lighting for the toilets?

7. I dare decorative accessories in the toilet

The toilets are not spontaneously the room that we most want to decorate, and yet it is enough to frequent the toilets of chic restaurants to realize that it is a mistake! So this year, we are also offering some accessories that we will enjoy seeing every day.

10 decorative ideas for toilets

8. I grow plants in the toilet

Because they contribute to our well-being, this year, green plants are inviting throughout the house. And if the toilets are lit in daylight (luck!), We don't hesitate to plant them from floor to ceiling!

9. I stage the walls of the toilets

This year, we are using the toilet walls to give free rein to our creativity! Because in this small room that does not take itself seriously, we can do anything! So we don't hesitate to stick photos, comic book pages, crossword puzzles, patterned wallpaper… Or even paint a wall with slate paint to draw and write words at each Our ideas

10. I find inspiration on Pinterest

And as we are fans of decoration, this year, we also think of typing from time to time the word "toilets" in the Pinterest search engine to find original ideas!