5 express decor with candles

5 express decor with candles

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Christmas Eve is approaching and you still lack ideas to decorate the table? Do not panic, with the tealights lying around in your cupboard and the means on board, you will do miracles in less than 2 minutes. Yes, yes, the proof with these 5 ultra easy ideas: 5, 4, 3, 3, 2, 1… Top time!

An overturned glass = a designer candle holder

Take out your wine glasses, turn them over and put your tealight on the base: here are magnificent glass candle holders that will bring height and magic to your table runner Depending on your theme, put a small element decoration in each of the glasses: a branch of holly, fir or eucalyptus, a few cinnamon sticks, a Christmas ball, a mini-cactus, a mini-gift, a wooden figurine…

A very simple candle holder that adapts to all your decorative desires

Cooking salt = a snowy decor

For a magical decor reminiscent of snowy Christmas landscapes, fill a glass or a jar of salt, and place the tea light candle out of its aluminum case on the surface. Optionally add some non-flammable decorative accessories, and listen to the cries of admiration of your guests!

A little salt, a candle, and voila!

A glass of champagne = a Scandinavian candle holder

The other advantage of tealights is that they float! Fill a few glasses of champagne with water and place your candles on the surface, without their aluminum case. For an even more "wow" effect, immerse in the water a small branch of fir, thyme or heather, or a small Christmas decoration that does not float! If you have a glass bowl, fill it with water, add a few branches of holly and float several candles: this is a perfect centerpiece for a natural Christmas!

A bit of heather, a little water and that's it

A red apple = a Christmas candle holder

Are all your glasses already used by your guests? No worries, go get some apples in the kitchen, dig them in the center and put the candles inside: in 2 minutes, you will have four magnificent Christmas candle holders. A red DIY decoration perfect for a traditional Christmas!

Simple as two apples

Masking tape = personalized candles

Do you have a masking tape roll at the bottom of a drawer and you don't know how to use it? It's time to go get it! Simply roll up your tealights and place them all over the house, on a small dish so they don't burn. Well done, your decor is perfect!

The masking tape, best friend of DIY fans!