Our advice: what paint should you choose for your bedroom decor?

Our advice: what paint should you choose for your bedroom decor?

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  • 1. A blue room for a modern decor
  • 2. A green room for a natural atmosphere
  • 3. Neutral tones for a room with a timeless decor
  • 4. A purple room for a romantic atmosphere
  • 5. A tie and dye room for a boho spirit
  • 6. Cold tones for a minimalist bedroom

A blue room for a modern decor

The favorite color of many French people, blue is a cold color that creates a calm and serene atmosphere. Ideal in the bedroom, therefore, to calm down just before sleeping for example. On the nuance side, there is no rule. You can perfectly dare a cloud blue, a Prussian blue or a sky blue. This color is not associated with all styles of decoration. Choose it for a modern room. Do you want to opt for a deep blue? For an ideal rendering, I advise you to repaint only one wall of your room. Walls painted entirely in the same color could indeed create a feeling of confinement that would go against the soothing effect sought. Whatever its nuance, blue goes perfectly with wood. The latter will indeed perfectly warm the cold tones of this color. And for a Scandinavian style, do not hesitate to decorate the room with a few touches of yellow color!

A green room for a natural atmosphere

Banned for a long time, green is again entering the house. For several seasons, it has been displayed forcefully in soft shades like almond green, water green or even sage green. We love it in the bedroom where it brings a very rejuvenating nature. Also known to stimulate creativity, it is now the ideal color for an adult bedroom, since it adapts to almost all types of decoration. Sage green is one of the trend colors for this year. This bedroom paint color can also be combined with a large number of colors, from pastel pink to more pronounced blues. You do not want to repaint your walls but simply revamp a piece of furniture? In this case, think of the darker greens, such as fir green or chrome, which will give a very chic and mid-century side to your wardrobe or your chest of drawers.

Neutral tones for a room with a timeless decor

Mole, gray, beige, off-white and other neutral shades are also recommended in the room. The softness of these colors gives a peaceful and timeless atmosphere to any room. The little extra: we can use bright colors thanks to the accessories to give tone to the decor. On the decorative side, we dare the total look: if we had to choose a color to paint a ceiling it would undoubtedly be in this palette of neutral and light tones! As for the decoration of the room, the neutral tones are both timeless and trends. These are the colors to favor for a kinfolk or wabi-sabi decor, both natural and refined. If you are looking for a painting idea for your room and still hesitate between different styles of decoration, opt for a neutral and clear tone that will combine with everything, provided you know how to choose the right furniture and accessories. Indeed, contrary to what you might think, choosing white as the color for your walls does not represent the option of ease. Indeed, where walls painted in pronounced hues will be enough on their own to create the ambiance of a room, a room with white walls will see all its decoration rest solely on its accessories and furniture.

A purple room for a romantic atmosphere

Often associated with mysticism and meditation, purple is ideal for a parental bedroom where it will create an atmosphere conducive to romanticism. We choose it soft, pulling towards purple and lilac. We do not hesitate to play the total look by adding bed linen and cushions in the same tones but with patterns to break the solid side. As for blue, it is not recommended to repaint all the walls of your bedroom. this color. We will then associate purple with a natural and lighter color, see pastel colors to create a soothing atmosphere. Decorate your bedroom with accessories or linens in refined materials: cotton percale bed linen, light sheer curtains and woolen carpets… Dare the sophisticated decor! In any case, counterbalance a dark wall color with lighter accessories.

A tie and dye bedroom for a boho spirit

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This surprising trend of the 60s and 70s returned to the front of the stage and invaded our interiors, in shades however much softer than before. Although it is not a color as such, tie and dye is an original way to use it. It is a rendering capable of creating the decoration of a room on its own. You can use it on a wall in your bedroom, especially with a wall panel or tapestry, or on your bed linen or curtains. Be careful not to overload the decoration of your room by declining all your walls and accessories in this style. Choose only one that will be the centerpiece of your decor and for the rest, stay in sober tones. The more adventurous among you can also try to repaint their wall themselves using this technique. In the event of a failure, all you have to do is repaint your wall in the darkest color! Finally, this rendering will only adapt to a bohemian bedroom decoration.

Cool tones for a minimalist bedroom

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Do you want a color idea for your more sober but equally original bedroom? Choose cool tones such as blue gray or verdigris. This range of trendy and refined colors at the same time will adapt perfectly to a sober and chic decor, in a minimalist spirit. It is an ideal color for an adult bedroom with which it is possible to paint all the walls. Our painting advice: if your room has moldings or baseboards, paint them the same color as your ceiling, preferably in white. To decorate the room, choose a bed linen in the same cold and light shades or in a natural color. You can also combine the colors of gray green and blue gray with copper or rose gold look accessories that will bring a little touch of pep to your decor.

So blue, green, off-white, purple or gray… What color of paint will you choose for your room?


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