The family and creative advent calendar

The family and creative advent calendar

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Today, Natacha is coming to tell us about her "advent calendar" experience. Natacha - Cranemou for those who read her mom's blog - tells us everything in words and images… No child was abused during the writing of this article. Christmas is getting a little fast these last few days and we are not going to lie, we have known this for a while now, the children will very (VERY) quickly start counting the days, the hours, the seconds that separate them from their absolute Grail , namely, of course, the opening of gifts. It is for this purpose that the advent calendars were created, I think: to make the children wait while occupying them with a small gift per day, 24 days lasting. This year, for some reason still unknown, the kids asked for an advent calendar "not like everyone else" (yes, they asked, yes, I know, what a bunch of ill-behaved kids). I assumed I was going to have to brainstorm to come up with something more original than chocolates, candies or little things in the numbered lockers. Then came to me an idea: an advent calendar where each of us would have something to do at the opening of the day in question. Something that would occupy everyone and, in addition, would gradually decorate the house thanks to what the children would discover every day in the packages ... and do! Where how to get into the Christmas spirit directly at the +300 level. A detour to the creative hobbies store in the neighborhood and we were off for 24 "creative" covers ... Finally ... no, not 24, because an advent calendar without chocolate is still less fun (dixit my stomach), so I made a mix, and therefore, almost every other day, the children will have plenty to occupy the time so as not to see it pass, while working to make the Christmas spirit permeate a little more every day in the house.

The sleeves

Simple and effective, I bought kraft pockets to decorate. You can spend an entire day making them more festive, or you can do them as you go, in batches of 5 or 6 for example. The reason for doing them little by little? It is that what will fill the first will potentially be used to achieve the following! You were warned, we put here on originality and family DIY.

And what do we fill them with?

Several ideas came up as I listed all the possible things to do for the children. Quite simple things in themselves and which require little material or budget. *Posca markers : white, black, red, gold and silver. We could have had one last green, but in the end, we did without it, and it was very good. These felt-tip pens can be used to decorate about everything and anything during these creative days, it's a little basic to have in your magic drawer activities with children! *The masking tape : because you need it, anyway, when you like to decorate everything and anything. We will choose these in the tones that we want to give to the sleeves or the greeting cards… and we will use the finders of rolls to decorate the front door by taping it in the shape of a fir tree, why not…

*Clothespins : to hang the pockets on the cord, the clothespins were the best way. Add some Christmas shapes (stars, fir, moon etc ...) also found in specialized stores, a dot of glue and here that the children, from the first cover, themselves create a way to hang future issues of the calendar of advent!

*The ink pads : on the Christmas theme, there are lots of them, per batch. We train a little to do this properly, it will be used for the next pocket!

*Greeting cards : we cut small square boxes (or we buy it ready, let's not be sectarian) and here is a good occupation for children: decorate greeting cards for the whole family and friends. And admit, it's been a long time since you sent it, right? *Toilet paper : definitely, you have to admit that the toilet paper rolls are a big help when it comes to DIY. There are quite a few tutorials for doing extraordinary things. We opted for decorations that are easy to make, like this deer, for the smallest hands that are not yet experienced, so as not to have to experience some frustrations.

*Pasta : that he or she who does not have a stock of pasta therefore in their cupboard throw me the first stone. For once, we will have the right to play with food. Armed with gouache, silver Posca or even a spray paint for the more adventurous, we decorate, we glue (with strong glue because the support points are very small)… and here is an angel so cute that we quickly forget what it is made of.

*The Garland : classic, and yet so simple: we roll cotton balls that we attach to a pretty string and here are snowballs garlanded that will have them well occupied. Obviously, still expect a battle of snow cotton balls in order before everything comes back to normal, it's a bit of a must!

*Iron beads : if you have not yet succumbed to this activity with your children, now is the time, because even outside of Christmas, this is a passion that turns out to be very profitable as regards the hours of tranquility it provides!

*Capsules : a recycling idea like any other, keep your metal capsules well, and make beautiful snowmen!

*Light bulbs : recycling passion, if you still have not brought your old bulbs in the recycling bin of your supermarket, you will be able to paint them to transform them into Christmas balls! Yes Yes ! This activity necessarily requires your presence given the fragility of the bulbs and to avoid any drama, it is better to be around!

You can still offer origami leaves (always in Christmas colors) and do a folding workshop or even create small candle holders painted on glass yogurt pots like the Lyons candles. Anything is possible as long as it fits in the pocket of the day. At the end of the calendar, not only will they not have seen the time pass (yes, we can always believe it), but in addition, your house will be definitely ready to welcome the big bearded man, his gifts in abundance and all your guests. !