How to declutter your garage?

How to declutter your garage?

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Tackling your garage storage alone is not easy. This is why it is strongly recommended to roll up your sleeves with others and to follow the following steps in order.

Provide the necessary equipment before starting

Decluttering a garage means sorting, throwing, but also cleaning. We therefore equip ourselves with several garbage bags, large boxes, even gloves, rags, and some household products (a lot of dust will be raised). Of course, we adapt our outfit accordingly.

Tidying up your garage with strategy

The golden rule? Do not disperse and be methodical. We must first start by establishing an area to be de-cluttered, then progress little by little in space. Similarly, as you store your items, you will find here and there objects relating to the same sector (children's toys, gardening, camping equipment, etc.). Gather these same objects together in a corner of the room or in large boxes for better storage then.

Manage large volumes with intelligence

Have you ever thought about hanging your windsurfing board or canoe at the top of the wall? Hanging large objects can ventilate your garage and free up space for storage furniture.

Everyone has their place in the garage

If you are lucky enough to have a cabin in your garden, why keep the outdoor chairs and barbecue equipment in the garage? Likewise, old baby stuff is likely to get wet and spoil here.

Think about storage solutions

Once sorted, it's time to put everything away. If you are looking for an easy solution that does not require DIY, consider the large transparent PVC boxes. These light bins with clips, available at Gifi as at Leroy Merlin from around 10 euros are really spacious. A label that informs the container of each box and voila!