Which plants for my living room?

Which plants for my living room?

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Each plant has its favorite plants! Whether your space is very exposed or on the contrary rather shaded, whether you like small pots or large planters, there are bound to be perfect plants to decorate your interior.

The right plant in the right place

There are the plants we adore, which we have always dreamed of (for me it is Beaucarnea, also called elephant's foot), and then there are those which could be happy with us. And miracle! When you look a little, the criteria come together: the plants have this marvelous that they are as varied as you can imagine. So suddenly, how to choose? Even taking into account the main criterion, which cannot be changed even if you want it very strong: the brightness. Some plants (schefflera, beaucarnea, papyrus, and of course cacti and succulents) like full face light and bask next to the window. Others (spathiphyllum), more mijaurées, love the clarity of an indirect light. Finally, there are those who defy everything, you have no light it does not matter, I am beautiful of the leaf and rebellious of the sun (fatsia japonica, dieffenbachia, calathea).

Urban jungle atmosphere!

What does your environment say?

There are factors which one does not think of and which however, as well for the well-being of the plants as for that of your hearth, are far from being negligible. The cats may like to claw on the trunk of your plant (and the winner will be the one with legs). He can also like to slalom between your pots, defying their balance and gravity. In these cases, it is therefore best to identify where the plant will be preserved from the tomcat, for example in suspension, and take into account the brightness of this blessed place. The same specificities should be considered with young children ! I would also advise against cacti (aye!) And poisonous indoor plants, just to avoid scares.

Hanging your plants, a nice way to protect them!

Green plants or flowering plants?

With the location determined and the light shining, it's time to have fun! What beautiful plant will make you leaf and climb the sap of your desires? Flower or not flower, what is your heart tending towards? From tender pink to sparkling red or yellow, it must be admitted that the palette of flowering plants is as wide as it is tempting. The spathiphyllum, also called Moon flower, offers beautiful white flowers throughout the year, while having detoxifying properties. Personally I find it quite easy to live with! But there is also the Anthurium, with its white, pink or red flowers, the flamboyant Clivia miniata, the aerial Tillandsia, romantically called the air girls, which require more care but offer an extraordinary flowering, the Strelitzia reginae , this Bird of paradise in love with the sun…

Flowers in the living room, always a good idea!

What if the color was in the sheet?

Green plants are far from being the last in terms of subtlety and elegance, and it is in their leaves that they prove it! Those of Calathea, magnificent, are adorned with purple and remind us of peacock feathers. The chlorophytum, ideal to hang and whose watering is not very demanding, is very graphic with its two shades of green. A play of nuance that we find in the sumptuous Dracanea (Dragon tree), a shrub that can easily exceed a meter and decorate a whole space!

Green and pink leaves

Flower pots, that great little decorative addition

Nature atmosphere with stoneware or terracotta pots, retro wink with old tea cans or preserves as cachepots, modern orientation with bright colors and patterns ... Deco level, your choice of pots and planters is almost as important as the one you put in it! The end of the matter, the ultimate in international class, is to synchronize your plantings with the details of your home: what if your flower responded to the discreet yellow triangles that decorate your favorite cushion? What if hanging plants attract your eye to your ceiling height? How about a blank grapevine painting on the living room wall? And if, and if ... yes yes!

What if we told you how to make hanging pots?

Plants for beginners

Is adopting a plant a first for you? Or have you already tried and concluded that you do not have a green thumb? No, I guarantee it! We have listed for you the hardest plants to cook to (re) set foot in the stirrup, and I really want to recommend the papyrus: already because this plant is a spurt of stems that burst into a beautiful leaf sun, and also because its world of use is the simplest in the world: light, and water, water, water. It's simple, with this swamp plant, there is never too much. To our watering cans!