Organize your move in 6 steps

Organize your move in 6 steps

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Making the boxes is an essential step during a move. It is also the longest stage and you can never go too far ahead. How to find boxes? How to do them? How to organize well? Here are all our tips!

How to find boxes?

To make your boxes, you need boxes. If you have chosen to use a mover, he will provide you with boxes. Depending on the service chosen, you will have classic boxes or a wide variety of boxes for all your belongings. You can also collect boxes from shops, supermarkets and even from your loved ones. Just ask and very quickly the boxes will come to you. Warning ! Do not keep cartons that are not in good condition. Their content could be damaged.

Choose suitable boxes

The boxes must be adapted to their content. The first rule is to choose boxes of any size. Small boxes, provided they are solid, can be used to pack your books. The larger boxes can be used to pack the lightest items. The objective here is to properly balance the weight of the boxes. Note that the specialty stores offer boxes adapted to your needs. For example, if you need to package books, go to a bookstore. If you need to pack dishes, contact a store that markets them.

Pack your boxes intelligently

Doing the right thing is essential. Indeed, it is necessary that all the affairs are tidy so as not to be damaged. To do this, you have to pack objects one by one. In the boxes, each piece must be well wedged. Do not hesitate to supplement with clothing or household linen. The main thing is that nothing moves during transport. If so, business could be damaged. Pay particular attention to administrative papers. Know that if you have opted for an online bank, all your papers are available on your personal space! So it can make your life easier. It is important to start the boxes early. At first, you have to pack everything that is not useful to you. These can be things you keep in the attic or cellar, curtains, chandeliers, out-of-season clothes, and souvenirs you have kept. The closer D-Day approaches, the more you have to pack.

Getting organized to find everything

It is important to properly identify fragile and heavy cartons. So on the day of the move, special attention will be paid to your personal effects. It is also a good idea to note the room in which the box goes. To avoid losing anything, it is advisable to number the boxes. Then, on a notepad, on your computer or even on your smartphone, you can make a list of what is in each box. Once your belongings at destination, you will find everything without difficulty! If you have not done so before, list your property in order to be reimbursed by the movers or your home insurance in the event of the unexpected. Find our series of articles on moving here: Step 1: Create a schedule (D-3 months) Step 2: Plan the movers (D-2 months) Step 4: Manage transportation (D-1 month) Step 5: Take care of the administration (D-1 month) Step 6: Move serenely (D-Day)