A do-it-yourself butterfly basket

A do-it-yourself butterfly basket

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1 yellow polypropylene sheet 1 black felt tip with fine point (not permanent ink) 1 metal ruler 1 large cutter Extra strong double-sided adhesive tape with protective tape Colored adhesive plastic film (scraps are enough), green and red colors 1 pair of scissors 1 fancy cookie cutter

Production :


Trace the pattern from one of the sections of the basket and reproduce it on the polypropylene using the felt. Transfer this same pan again as shown in the sketch. Add a 2 cm wide strip for gluing. Cut.


In the polypropylene chute, draw a square 17 cm in side. Add a 2 cm wide tab along all four sides. Cut.

15 'Marking of folds

Groove in the marked places. To do this, heat a knife over a flame and slide it over the plastic along the ruler, pressing lightly before folding. Mark all the folds.

5 'Closure

Close the basket with the adhesive tape.

5 'Placement of the bottom

To place the bottom, apply the adhesive tape to the tabs, without removing the protective strips. Slide the bottom in place. Remove the protective strips from the adhesive tape when the bottom is firmly in place.

10 'Cut out circles

On the back of the green adhesive plastic film, draw four circles with the help of a glass. Cut them out. Glue them in the center of each side.

5 'Finishes

Cut out four small subjects from the red adhesive film and paste them into the green circles. You can, rather than add small red butterflies, hollow them out in green circles.


If you have the time, cut out as many cookie cutters as you want and stick them in seedlings all over your basket, so as to create a cheerful decor.

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