Sheet or quilt: the match!

Sheet or quilt: the match!

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Knowing that a third of our life is devoted to sleep, it is entirely logical to take an interest in the quality of your bed and everything that can compromise the progress of a good night. We also give a lot of importance (and rightly so!) To the mattress for example. For bed linen, we can say that two schools compete: on one side the followers of classic sheets and on the other the supporters of the minimalist duvet. We do not know which of the two camps sleeps best, but each party does have arguments to defend.

The comforter for freedom of movement

Those who prefer the comforter generally suggest unhindered freedom of movement. It is true that it is appreciable to be able to turn and turn around without having to fight with your bed linen. The possibility of being able to put a foot outside without undoing the whole bed plays in favor of the comforter. When summer comes, we are indeed very happy to be able to put the comforter aside with a single gesture.

For the chilly, nothing beats a bordered sheet…

However, in winter, we also like to be well protected in bed. This is when we regret the possibility of having our feet outside so easily. With edged sheets, on the contrary, there is no risk of drafts or exposed body parts. Even with restless sleep, the sheets stay in place provided you have made your bed.

The return of the cover!

… Or the individual duvet.

Everyone agrees that the comforter moves a lot (even those who prefer it) and that it is sometimes enough for your sleeping neighbor to be on the move for us to find ourselves completely uncovered. However, the sheet option is not the only one available. We can also opt for the individual duvet, a choice commonly practiced by our friends across the Rhine for example. So the movements of the other will no longer bother you. Each his quilt and the sheep will be counted!

Duvet cover is harder to put on than a sheet

Another problem raised by the duvet: the duvet cover. It manages to make the most nervous person possible when it comes to putting it on. The subject is so sensitive that some have even imagined special methods to more easily change the duvet cover like theburrito tip .

A step into the future with the self-made bed

But making your bed in the morning is much simpler with a duvet

On the other hand, when the obstacle of the duvet cover is overcome, making your bed immediately becomes simpler. You shake your comforter and put it down by stretching it, that's all! Compared to the technique and the time required for the sheet, the match is won in advance. And again, we don't even ask for a square bed!

For maintenance, a duvet takes up more space in the washing machine

Obviously when it comes to cleaning your belongings, the duvet which seemed so simple to us poses a serious problem. And unless you have a washing machine with a load capacity of at least 10 kg, the maintenance of your duvet requires going through the laundry or laundry room. In general it is at this time that the other camp taunts you because the sheets do not need this kind of treatment.

The duvet needs specific equipment

Some quilts are smart…

Like the new generation mattresses, some duvets have interesting properties which the sheets do not have. In some cases, they allow you to store heat to return it if the temperature drops around you, these are so-called thermoregulatory comforters. There are also 4 season quilts which are actually a collection of quilts which you can combine or dissociate according to the seasons.

… But sometimes really too hot

However when you reach peaks of heat such that it becomes unbearable, even the lightest duvet is a torture. In this context, the sheets, much more flexible and fine, correspond better to these temperatures: they protect us but without suffocating us.

Sometimes you feel like you are suffocating under a duvet.

The sheets are less fanciful

Finally let's deal with the subject of decoration. If sheets have been the norm for a very long time, today it is the duvet and therefore the duvet cover which are acclaimed. On the side of the manufacturers of bed linen, efforts to offer original duvet covers are significant. There are all colors but also with many patterns, and without exceeding the price of sheets. It is considered, rightly or wrongly, that the sheets can be satisfied with being plain and there are therefore generally fewer choices of prints for this kind of product.

And why not both ? An American quilt and sheet

To end this quarrel, we could take the example of the Americans who are used to using both textiles at the same time. When it comes to making a bed, this solution is far from perfect, but those who have chosen to combine sheets and quilts appreciate being able to change the sheets without also having to change the duvet cover as regularly.