How to choose an armchair for your living room?

How to choose an armchair for your living room?

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Less bulky than a sofa, more design, the armchair is often chosen based on aesthetic criteria. In a living room, it allows you to offer an additional comfortable seat, to have a cocooning reading corner or even to replace a sofa in small spaces.

As with any piece of furniture, in addition to the decorative aspect, it is important to know a few more technical criteria to make the right choice. These criteria obviously depend on the use you will make of the wheelchair. Indeed, some emblematic models like the famous Eames rocking chair have more of a design and decorative dimension than an armchair in which you will spend long hours.

Thanks to the advice of the editorial staff, you can easily choose your next chair!

The 4 criteria to take into account when choosing your lounge chair

Like a sofa, we often look for an armchair that is both comfortable and stylish. Sometimes these two criteria are incompatible, but designers are working more and more on ergonomics issues, while offering trendy lines for the lounge chairs

  • A comfortable seat

Too hard, too soft ... If the seat of your chair is uncomfortable, it will quickly end up being more cumbersome than anything else because you will not enjoy sitting there. A comfortable seat depends on the type of padding used for the armchair, but also on its solidity and its design.

In general, the seat should be rather firm, without being too hard.

A rather high and straight back provides excellent back and neck support, but can be uncomfortable for some people. A rather high seat thanks to a large base implies to be installed in a tailor position or to have a footrest to relax completely.

  • The choice of padding

We mentioned it above. The type of padding used in the chair plays a lot on comfort issues. There are several types of padding on the market, each with its own characteristics.

HR foam ("high-resilience") is considered the most comfortable type of padding today. It is a fairly elastic material, which provides a firm but not too hard seat. Another advantage: the foam ages rather well over time. This lets you know that you won't need to change your chair after a few years.

As in the mattresses, bull tex is used for armchairs. It is a light and resistant material. The vegetable hair is rather used for the stuffing of certain parts of the armchairs. It is found in particular in the armrests and the edges of the armchairs.

  • The coating used

As with any piece of furniture, the aesthetics of the furniture plays a huge role in the choice of a model. And on the coating side, you are spoiled for choice! Leather, imitation leather, fabric, synthetic ...

But beware: a too fragile covering can quickly deteriorate by dint of sitting on the armchair.

The best aging coating, if properly maintained, is the leather. It is enough to dust it regularly and to maintain it from time to time with suitable products. The cotton is cheap, not very messy but is more messy, especially if you choose it in a light color. Do not hesitate to protect it with a plaid or an anti-stain product. Synthetic fabrics like Alcantara are softer and less messy than cotton.

  • The dimensions

As for the choice of a sofa, the dimensions of the armchair must be taken into account so that it is not too bulky. Especially if you have a small living room.

Some timeless armchairs that will find their place in your living room

Over the decades, some armchair models have become real design objects, delighting fans of the genre.

Among the emblematic models, on which you can crack your eyes closed, we find the famous Emmanuelle armchair. This rattan armchair, with its high back, seems to be stretched high. To make it more comfortable, install a cream or white fabric cushion on its seat. It brings a boho touch to your living room.

Another armchair widely adopted by design lovers: the Eames armchair. It exists in several forms: with fixed wooden legs, rocking or even Lounge, revisited in particular by Le Corbusier. Its clean lines, its Scandinavian or retro design (depending on the model) make it timeless, which can be easily integrated into any type of decoration.

More pop, the Acapulco armchair is adorned with plastic rods in bright colors to bring color to your living room! Often revisited, they are found at all prices in decoration stores.