What bed linen in a gray room?

What bed linen in a gray room?

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Have you chosen to repaint the walls in gray in your bedroom? Good idea, gray is a trendy color and works well with contemporary furniture. Be careful not to let yourself be won over by the gloom of gray, find out how to combine this color with a suitable bed set to always wake you up in a good mood.

Gray bedroom and blue bed linen

Gray is unfairly linked to a cold and sanitized environment, yet it takes little for it to wake up. By combining it with blue, you get a very interesting result. The blue color and its different shades like lavender or Klein blue will brighten up your gray room. The marriage of these colors can suit any type of room and in all styles. A winning combo every time!

Bohemian spirit, are you there?

Gray bedroom and yellow bed linen

Yellow and gray have been close friends for a long time. It must be said that these colors complement each other wonderfully. Like communicating vases, yellow and gray respond to each other: the first shakes the second while the second calms the first. The mixture of the two will give a very modern and atypical atmosphere. If your walls are gray, we advise you to add a touch of yellow (like mustard yellow) with a lamp or an armchair to match your bed linen.

Let the sun in

Gray bedroom and pink bed linen

Pink is a delicate color, often associated with childhood and little girls. It is rare that a pink duvet cover is offered in adult bed linen and yet it would be wrong to deprive it. On certain conditions however. With gray walls in your room, the rendering will be top because the gray erases this childish side. Instead, choose powdery shades like the Flemish pink or purple color because the brighter shades like fuchsia may be too aggressive.

Pink is not just for little girls

Gray bedroom and red bed linen

To finish our association ideas, here is a strong color that has a response to gray. This time it is not a question of waking up the gray but rather of giving it an adversary at its height. It must be said that the two colors play on fairly similar themes: a raw universe, quite austere and serious. As in the photo, we notice that the set works quite well, for example in a boy's room. Finally, you can also combine gray and red if you want a chalet atmosphere in your room.

With a gingham pattern, you will be right on trend