Create a laundry area in a small bathroom

Create a laundry area in a small bathroom

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Do you have a small bathroom and don't know where or how to set up a laundry area? Do not panic ! Solutions and tips exist, even for small spaces. The key: optimizing lost space and gaining height.

Play on the pitch

Have you ever thought about wall shelves? This layout solution, which is little used in water rooms, is ideal for storing detergent, fabric softener and other clothespin baskets. In addition to being available at low prices (Ikea offers shelves at around 20 euros to be fixed to the wall with invisible fixings) the wall shelves do not bother with a stuffy wooden structure for your small bathroom. Conversely, the shelves in the form of a narrow column allow the storage of laundry products up to the ceiling in a minimum of width.

Rethinking the dryer

Did you know that there are dryers that can be fixed everywhere, indoors and outdoors? Thus, Ikea offers a mobile clotheshorse (Antonius model at 6.99 euros), small and light in plastic to be fixed on the top of the doors, on the side of a bathtub, or on the windowsills.

Hiding dirty laundry with tricks

If you have large bathroom furniture despite the limited space, no need to add an additional device to store dirty laundry. Why not use this large drawer to store it? Clean towels already occupy the place? No problem, we hang these by a hook system behind the door or on the door: a hanging towel will always take up less space than if it is folded. A visually aesthetic solution (dirty laundry is hidden from view).

Retractable clothesline

This extendable clothesline is suitable for indoors and outdoors. It allows you to dry your laundry over a maximum length of 2.5 meters. Once the laundry is dry, the thread retracts in the blink of an eye (available at Castorama from 23 euros). Smart right?