The veranda: a real living room!

The veranda: a real living room!

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Better than a traditional extension, the aluminum veranda is at the forefront of comfort in summer and winter. Add to that a beautiful light and the panoramic view on the outside. The aluminum veranda is essential to become the heart of the house and transform into a beautiful living room. We give you some function ideas for your aluminum veranda in case you lack inspiration.

I want a dining veranda!

You will make all your guests jealous! Install table and chairs under your veranda, a few small side tables on which you will have your collection of succulents or other green plants to bring a little warmth to the space and voila! Another tip: if possible, orient your table so that all your guests can have a view of your garden!

I want a lounge veranda!

Good idea ! Create a cozy corner in your veranda: sofa - a corner sofa will make the most of the space -, beanbags scattered facing the garden, reading corner ... The perfect spot for your Sunday afternoons: indoor comfort with a nice view on the outside to get away from it all or watch the children playing ball. The advice in addition: install a cushion specially for your cat, he may love.

I want a kitchen veranda!

Cooking is a pleasure. But imagine cooking in front of your garden! On your kitchen island, peel the carrots while watching the rays of the sun caress the leaves of the shrubs. Some technical constraints, however: in terms of plumbing, it will be necessary to bring a water drain for the sink and the dishwasher while you will have to choose a hanging hood - you will not be able to rely on the walls… As for the minimum area recommended for creating a kitchen in your veranda: 20 m². The advice in addition: opt for a minimalist kitchen, prefer low furniture for a more airy look.

I want a veranda entry hall!

How could your home welcome you more warmly? Creating an entry airlock thanks to an aluminum veranda not only saves square meters but also limits the nasty drafts in the house - and at the same time to please your heating bill! The advice in addition: install storage space in your entry airlock veranda for coats and shoes to limit the mess in the house!

I want a pool veranda!

Everything is said: the dream! More insulating than a shelter, the aluminum veranda allows you to swim all year round. Another piece of advice: you can finally use the excuse "I can't, I have a pool" all year round! Find more information on the Véranda Alu website In partnership with Architecture & Aluminum