Bathroom rugs: how to combine decoration and efficiency?

Bathroom rugs: how to combine decoration and efficiency?

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Because it is dedicated to several vocations, the carpet is a must in the bathroom. Non-slip, it must ensure the safety of young and old when leaving the shower / bath. Soft and comfortable, it must promise a privileged contact for our feet. As for aesthetics, it should be the final decorative touch in a well-appointed bathroom. You understood, the choice of a bath mat is not made lightly! Discover all our tips for choosing your bath mat and combining decoration and efficiency!

A carpet, multiple uses!

The choice of the carpet for the bathroom is not like those found in other rooms of the house. Because in addition to being aesthetic, it must be effective. And to do this, you must take into account a number of criteria: * Safety: because it must prevent you from slipping and falling, the bath mat must have a non-slip coating. For better grip, you can even opt for a model with suction cups on the back. In all cases, choose a thick model (with a heavy grammage) which absorbs water much more easily than the finer models. * Comfort: at the end of the bath or shower, we appreciate being able to put our feet on a cozy carpet. We choose a soft and pleasant material to warm the feet and avoid the cold contact of the tiles. For all these reasons, we do not hesitate to place several (one at the shower / bath outlet and one in front of the sink). * Maintenance: wet room par excellence, the bathroom is a favorable place for the development of bacteria and molds. In this sense, the bath mat should be easy to maintain and be washed regularly to avoid creating a bacteria nest. Don't forget to spread it out to dry it after each use. * The look: beyond its practical characteristics, the bath mat is also a decorative asset to bring character to your pond. Small or large, round or rectangular, plain or patterned ... There is no shortage of choices!

The materials to favor and avoid

There are several materials for choosing the bath mat. And very often, they are distinguished into two categories: synthetic materials and natural fibers. Polyester is the main artificial material found on bath rugs. It has the advantage of being washable easily and of drying quickly. On the other hand, a polyester carpet is not very absorbent. If it does not have a non-slip system, it is better to avoid it because it will not be effective against the risk of falling ... In terms of natural fibers, there are many models. The best known is the cotton rug. Natural, absorbent, soft and fluffy, easy to care for, multiple colors… Cotton is a real asset! Which makes him the material of choice for the bathroom! Bamboo, coconut fiber or rush rugs are ideal for people allergic to dust mites. But these are materials that are less pleasant to the touch. Finally, it is possible to afford a rigid bath mat! One thinks, for example, of gratings, mostly exotic wooden slabs. We like their tropical look and their robustness but it is not the most practical solution for drying!

What look for what style?

Question look, the bath mat is not to be outdone to assert the style of your bathroom. And for each decorative style, its bath mat! Some seek harmony by associating the colors of the bath mat with those chosen for the towels and other decorative accessories in the room. If the reminder of colors is not your thing, you can create a dynamism by choosing a patterned pattern: stripes for the most classic, flowery for romantic souls, ethnic for travelers and colorful for the most bohemian. Small, bath rugs play it discreet but when they prevail in large format, they give a whole new look to your room. We imagine for example a large carpet at the foot of a bathtub in a central island. Of course, you must have enough space to afford it!