Tutorial: an old chandelier transformed with rope

Tutorial: an old chandelier transformed with rope

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Well, you have to admit, this wooden chandelier is a bit like this haircut with the rouflaquettes, it's time to change it! But if a good scissor blow will be enough to eclipse the second, the first will require a little more ingenuity to adapt it to its time. Today we are going to learn how to metamorphose an old chandelier with cotton rope.


- an old chandelier - a tube of Super Glue type instant glue - about 60 m of cotton cord 2.5 mm in diameter - about 60 m of cotton cord 1.5 mm in diameter - scissors or a cutter to cut the cord Budget: around 15 € Duration: 3 hours


1. Start with one of the arms of the chandelier by wrapping the cord around the end. For this, put a dot of glue at the top, then wind the cord down and adding a dot of glue every 2 to 3 centimeters. Use the thinnest cord and be sure to tighten the cord securely.

2. Then continue on the whole arm with the 2.5 mm cord. Follow the same methodology by applying a point of glue every 2 to 3 centimeters and tightening the cord well. Cut at the ends and add a dot of glue.

3. Follow the same process on the entire chandelier.


Your chandelier has now regained all its youth and adopted a much more modern marine style! If you do not want to hang it, it is an object that can also serve as decoration when placed on the floor or on a piece of furniture.