What to plant in its autumn planters?

What to plant in its autumn planters?

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Create a rustic planter with heather

Heather, essential throughout the fall!  

As soon as summer comes to an end, heather plays the leading role in the autumn planters. Pink, white or two-colored, they are sold in pots in all garden centers and at all florists for only a few euros. Easy to plant and cultivate, they stay in place all winter and bring color to the window sills. Just remember to line the bottom of your planter with clay balls to promote drainage, and water only when the soil becomes dry on the surface ... A decorative tip: avoid blue, orange or neon green heather which is artificially tinted. Natural colors are so much more beautiful, right?

A flower box with cyclamen

The fragile elegance of autumn cyclamen…  

If the cyclamen do not tolerate frost well, they thrive in planters throughout the fall in regions with a mild, oceanic or southern climate. Standing on their fine stems, they seduce as much by the delicate beauty of their flowers as by that of their marbled foliage. Plant them at the very beginning of autumn in your planters exposed to partial shade, without pushing the bulb too deep into the ground. And as soon as the first great colds are felt, do not hesitate to bring your cyclamen inside! In the veranda or in a poorly heated and bright room, they can bloom until the following spring ...

A country planter with asters

Asters last summer until November…  

The spectacular flowering of autumn asters is not just for gardens! In pots or planters, some varieties flower until November provided they are well watered and provide fertilizer for flowering plants. Very easy to maintain, these simple and generous flowers will bring a bucolic charm to your window sills throughout the fall. It only remains to choose the asters in your favorite colors to compose beautiful planters!

A silver planter with Calocephalus brownii

When the sky is gray, the planters can play the card of the contrast or on the contrary that of the tone on tone… Astonishing, luminous and original, the varieties with silvery foliage beautifully enhance the autumn flowers, but we can also plant them only in pots or with dark green leaves. Calocephalus brownii is easy to grow in a planter throughout the fall. If the winter is mild, by the sea or in the South, you can leave it outside with as little water as possible. On the other hand, if the night temperatures drop below -3 ° C, it is better to bring it inside, in an unheated room, until March-April.

A vegetable planter with decorative sprouts

The little pleasures of autumn are born in cabbage…  

Autumn is also the harvest season in the vegetable patch. To bring color and originality to your planters, why not plant decorative sprouts? Created specifically for ornamental purposes, the Brassica oleracea acephala variety can stand the cold perfectly. Plant it without hesitation in early autumn in a planter exposed to the sun or partial shade, water at least and admire the show throughout the winter!

An exotic planter with decorative peppers

Chillies in my planter in the fall? Olé!  

Want warmth, color and exoticism? Plant ornamental peppers in your fall planters! From September, this plant native to Mexico is adorned with small red or orange fruits that look like they are mistaken for peppers, even if they are not edible. In mild climates, your little peppers can spend the winter outside, otherwise bring them inside before the first frosts. Next to your cactus, they will warm the atmosphere of your winter decor!