Ameublement Saint-Louis, a century-old brand at the forefront of the trend

Ameublement Saint-Louis, a century-old brand at the forefront of the trend

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The specialist in home furnishings welcomes his clients on 7 exhibition floors, in the heart of Metz since 1868. It is since 1920 that the Baumgarten family took over the reins of the company Ameublement Saint-Louis. The family business Saint-Louis now has 5 furniture brands. A first exhibition area of ​​3000 m² in a place steeped in history, in the city center of Metz. By his side Calligaris, 400 m² showroom, where we will advise lovers of Italian design. Nearby, Saint-Louis Style, a 600 m² store that offers stylish furniture and the services of craftsmen who can make custom furniture. To perfect it all, in Thionville and Augny are two bedding specialists, with respective surfaces of 500 and 700 m².

Ameublement Saint-Louis, and its various brands, are members of the “Le Géant du Meuble” group. A central purchasing office allowing the company to offer a very wide range of products at attractive prices. Enough to satisfy everyone's tastes, and allow them to invest in quality furniture. Specialized in the “second equipment”, all those wishing to offer furniture, bedding or decoration for many years will inevitably find their happiness.

Saint-Louis furniture, nicknamed "The store of major brands", invites you to discover Musterring, Calligaris, Stressless, Himolla, Burov, Leolux, Natuzzi, Celio, Nolte, Duvivier, Steiner, Toulemonde Bochart, Baobab, Grange, Plaisance, Van de Castel, Martinelli Luce, Ernest Ménard and many others…

Thanks to their longevity, Ameublements Saint-Louis offers flawless after-sales service, even 10 years after purchase. Delivery, assembly, recovery of old furniture, everything is in place to make the customer's life easier. This family company, which benefits from the experience of its team, is also surfing the flow of new trends. Modern technologies have not escaped the Baumgarten family either, since Ameublements Saint-Louis has a Facebook page bringing together news from different brands.

Contact : Ameublement Saint-Louis, 14 rue Haute-Seille, 57000 Metz Telephone: 03 87 36 16 64 Site: www.ameublement-saint-louis.com Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ameublementsaintlouis