8 essential pieces of furniture that will never go out of style

8 essential pieces of furniture that will never go out of style

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Eames chair, Pipistrello lamp, Chesterfiel chair… These big names mean anything to you? Design classics or true icons of the past, these pieces of furniture all have one thing in common: they are timeless. In other words, they have known how to go through the ages and are still making the trend! Discover 8 essential designer furniture that will never go out of style!

1. The Chesterfield Armchair

Born in the United Kingdom in the middle of the 18th century, the Chesterfield no longer has a reputation for rebuilding. Previously reserved for the wealthy classes, it was easily found in royal palaces, prestigious hotels, business offices and gentlemen's clubs. Today, this padded leather armchair has become an icon of design that can be found in vintage style interiors, loft spirit or even more contemporary decor…

2. The architect's lamp

Less known by the name of GRAS N ° 201, the architect's lamp is characterized by its articulated arm which allows a precise diffusion of light. It must be said, it was originally intended for industry and design offices. Today, its robustness and its high precision mechanism has earned it the title of timeless lamp! If it is ideal on a desk, you can also imagine it perfectly in a library corner or on a shelf in the living room…

3. The dresser

© Maisons du Monde You can't get older than the dresser! And for good reason, this type of furniture owes its origin to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance where it was used to display all the family goldsmithery during banquets. If it allowed exhibiting its riches, the display cabinet continues to arouse curiosity today. We exhibit his decorative objects, his collections, his books and many other accessories… We find him in all types of interior, from country house to loft!

4. The Eames chair

Impossible to miss, it is everywhere! The Eames chair equips millions of interiors around the world. Created by the American designer couple Charles and Ray Eames in 1950, it has since been copied but never equaled. Designed using fiberglass molding technology, it adapts to the shape of the human body. Beyond its light shell, its metal or wooden base reminds of the structure of the Eiffel Tower!

5. The Arco lamp

© Lampe Arco - Flos Here is a lamp that crosses eras without aging. With an arched shape, it imposes with a polished aluminum globe, I named the Arco lamp! It owes its origin to the Castiglioni brothers who were inspired by the outdoor lampposts to design an imposing but refined interior lamp. Since its creation in 1962, the Arco lamp has become a must have in contemporary design. It is constantly being imitated and many people have it in their living room!

6. The bistro chair

© Raw Interior Product Imagined by Michael Thonet and designed for a café, the bistro chair (also known as chair n ° 14) was not really intended for such success. Because since its creation, it has been mass produced and has been found in all bistros! Today, it continues its ascent and is unanimous in country, Scandinavian, industrial or even vintage style interiors. It must be said, it is a chair with multiple advantages. Not only is it practical and space-saving, it also has a timeless look…

7. The Pipistrello lamp

© Martinelli Luce The Pipistrello lamp is a bit of the star of lighting. Its success is such that it has become legendary! At the origin of this marvel of design? Italian designer Gae Aulenti, who drew inspiration from a bat (hence "Pipistrello" translated as bat in Dante's language) to design it. Even today, all lovers of interior decoration and design are snatching up for their interior. And it's not ready to stop…

8. The Chilean

© Broste Copenhagen The origin of the Chilean word is a little vague. Some say that the Chilean takes its name from the expression "Chill out" translated from English: relax! All we know is that the Chilean is the symbol of idleness. In the 1950s, it was all the rage and found its place in private gardens and on the beaches. Today, it is diverted and revisited and plays with conventions by finding space indoors! One thing is certain, we never get tired of it!