8 industrial tables for the dining room at less than 300 €

8 industrial tables for the dining room at less than 300 €

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1. Dining table in barrel shape, metal base, Maison et Styles, € 229 2. DOCKS Industrial dining table in wood and metal, Maisons du Monde, € 129.90 3. Mat black metal dining table Hiba, La Redoute, € 219 4. Solid oak and steel table, La Redoute Interiors, € 399 (excluding sales) 5. Epsylon table in steel and oak veneer, Alinéa, € 239.40 6. IAN table in wood and metal base, House Bay , € 299 7. Trestle table in wood and metal, Korb, € 359 (excluding sales) 8. Beige and gray STAN table, But, € 279.99 Do you want to give your dining room an industrial look? Start with a beautiful workshop-style table: raw materials on the program! Wood, concrete, metal ... It is possible to give character to your room without breaking the bank thanks to our selection of 8 industrial dining tables for less than 300 euros! The industrial decor never ceases to seduce: more and more interiors are decorated in this raw style with clean lines, either in total look or by touches. The table is one of the centerpieces of your dining room and sets the tone: you choose between the workshop look, the American loft spirit or a large mix & match of colors and materials ... Anyway, these raw, recycled materials give character to your room!

This superb Hiba table inspires with its sober industrial style!