5 ideas to revamp your kitchen when you are a tenant

5 ideas to revamp your kitchen when you are a tenant

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Are you a tenant and can't get enough of this kitchen that doesn't look like you? Are you looking forward to owning and finally having a place that you can personalize as you wish? Patience! In the meantime, know that you can already use a few tips to revamp your kitchen without breaking everything. From floor to ceiling, here are 5 ideas to decorate your rental kitchen at a lower cost!

Bring color to your rental kitchen

Nothing is more sad than a bleak and smooth kitchen, where everything looks the same. In this room of life frequented by the whole family all day long, we can allow ourselves some fancies on the decorative side, more than in the dining room or the living room. So let's take advantage! Forget the neutral kitchen of your landlord and bring color! It's up to you to select the one (s) that best suit your personality, and to choose one or more from accessories to kitchen linen and household appliances. Scandinavian water green, tangy yellow or industrial red, you will see the difference with these colorful touches to revamp your kitchen!

Retro orange or candy pink, choose your style for a very pleasant rental kitchen!

In your rented kitchen, customize the existing furniture

Whether they are yours or not, do not neglect the decoration of your rental kitchen furniture. Unless you have taken possession of your apartment with the minimum union, namely a sink, you certainly have some storage space in the kitchen. If the existing furniture has no look, there is a simple trick to customize them: change the handles! Colored or chromed metal, these can radically change the appearance of your kitchen and give it a real style. Remember to keep the original handles so that you can replace them when you leave your accommodation.

Pretty chrome handles to personalize the white lacquered furniture of your kitchen? What a good idea !

Wake up the floor of your rental kitchen

You can not stand the floor of your kitchen with tiles more than dated? So opt for a kitchen rug! Without having to embark on pharaonic works, this decorative accessory will certainly awaken the decoration of your rental kitchen. From vinyl to polypropylene, there are many models of kitchen rugs that are as practical as they are aesthetic. Why not opt ​​for a trompe-l'oeil model like cement tiles? What revamp your kitchen without breaking the bank!

The vinyl kitchen mat? A perfect tip to bring character to the kitchen floor, even when you are a tenant!

Opt for designer storage

Even when you are lucky enough to move into a fully equipped kitchen, it is not uncommon for you to still lack storage space. To revamp your kitchen if you are a tenant, treat yourself with the purchase of these additional pieces of furniture. Choose them design or colorful, they will bring a real decorative touch to your kitchen. Mobile, trolleys and trolleys are very practical. Also think of small storage like baskets, to choose from a material like rattan or woven plastic. So many functional details that will completely change the appearance of your kitchen!

Extra furniture, wicker baskets and smart storage, this is an ultra-personal and functional rental kitchen!

Personalize your kitchen walls

In the kitchen, we tend to neglect the wall decoration because the walls are already covered with furniture. However, if there is one simple way to decorate a rental kitchen, it is to appropriate the walls! Design posters, tangy illustrations, vintage posters or even a blackboard: let yourself go and dare to decorate your image. If your kitchen is really tiny and there is no room to hang a frame, play on the customization of the credenza. There are models of adhesive splashbacks more real than life that will allow you to revamp your kitchen in the blink of an eye!

A slate sticker that will take you to the tropics or a flashy adhesive splashback: decorate your rental kitchen cheaply!

Color, personal touches and modular furniture, these are some simple tips to implement to decorate a rental kitchen. After all these small changes, you will have only one desire: to remain a tenant to enjoy your cuisine worthy of dé!


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