New Ikea catalog: 10 ideas to steal for the show

New Ikea catalog: 10 ideas to steal for the show

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Thoughtful staging, clever diversions, decorating tips and makeovers: the Ikea catalog is not stingy with good tips to inspire decor. Selection of the best ideas identified in the 2018 edition to make life easier in the salon!

1 / Ikea tip: divert a service!

We start this article with a nice diversion of service 100% faithful to the catchphrase of the new Ikea catalog: "make way for life!". Do you see a kitchen cart? The artist sees in the SUNNERSTA trolley an artist's cart and / or a good dose of decorative inspiration. Who knows: the artist, maybe it is you?

An artist's cart? A mobile library? You choose !

2 / Ikea tip: customize a rack

This clothes rack decorated with floral suspensions and children's drawings would go almost unnoticed in the new Ikea catalog as the pretty KLIPPAN sofa knows how to stand out… And yet we only have eyes for it! The combination of hanging fabric panels and the light garland is enough to enhance the green present on textiles and vegetation. So many easy-to-poke ideas to create a joyful and harmonious setting in the living room.

The great trick to treat yourself to a plant partition in the living room!

3 / Place plants above the shelves

Certainly the idea of ​​making your plants grow taller is not completely new but we like this staging identified in the new Ikea catalog… A plant or two hanging on the top of the shelves, the display case or the library and the living room gain a nice touch of green!

A beautiful graphic effect with these plants placed above the display case and the shelves.

4 / Place a chaise longue in the middle of the decor

As a variant of the sofa, the meridian blurs the boundaries between the different rooms of the house and invites to a lazy lesson without complex ... We like the "couch of shrink" side of the SODERHAMN meridian (360 euros) posed in the living room decor , Like nothing ever happened.

A chaise longue in the living room to give nap the place it deserves!

5 / increase the height of your stepladder

We continue with a creative and offbeat staging that puts diversion in the spotlight ... The stepladder which is usually used to facilitate access to storage all up there takes height to hoist itself on the walls ! In raw wood or customized with paint, the iconic BEKVAM stepladder becomes the object of a nice Ikea hack.

On the left, raw wood version, on the right, two-tone version… Everyone has their own style!

6 / Hang fabric bags on coat hooks

The living room, usually designed for adults now (also!) Meets the needs of children. By hanging fabric storage covers on coat hooks, young and old keep things and other treasures close at hand. So many attentions that add life to the living room!

SLAKTING bags (6.99 euros) hanging on coat hooks: a simple and ingenious idea!

7 / Hack a stool

No, a stool is not just for sitting! Put a green plant on it and it turns into a plant support. Place a nice vinyl box in it and it becomes an extra piece of furniture. You don't even have to be a DIY or DIY pro, just use your stool as a simple decorative table or a end of sofa and voila. Of course, the stool turns back to itself when your guests need to sit down!

The MARIUS stool (4.50 euros - photo on the left) and the NORRAKER stool (39.90 euros - right) are the subject of a very simple Ikea hack!

8 / Adopt mesh elements

The decor in the living room sometimes hangs by a wire… like those objects and mesh elements identified in the latest Ikea catalog. We like the airy, graphic and metallic fluidity conferred by the LALLEROD coffee table (59 euros) and by the KVISTBRO storage table (39 euros).

Coffee table and storage table here play the card of transparency for an airy decor.

9 / Dare to mix pink with pop colors

Combining a VIMLE 3-seater golden yellow sofa (449 euros) with green furniture and walls dressed in powder pink? Not even afraid ! The staging of the new Ikea catalog dares to break with the salon's usual chromatic standards. Lovers of romance, pop universe and life in pink can not resist it. There's life and above all ... there's joy!

Powder pink blends with golden yellow and bottle green for a pop decor!

10 / pimping mesh objects

My first is a mesh panel like a garden trellis nicely fixed to the wall to expose frames and pretty images to change as you wish. My second is a VEBEROD screen (129 euros) which allows you to suspend beautiful photos, climbing plants and decorative accessories to create a remarkable separation… My whole is a beautiful decorative idea "grid effect" identified in the new Ikea catalog.

The mesh element becomes a trendy support and boosts the decor of the living room.


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