Couple story: how to survive a shopping trip at Ikea

Couple story: how to survive a shopping trip at Ikea

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The trip to Ikea remains a great classic of decorative shopping to furnish, decorate or equip our interior. Sometimes, we like to go there just to stroll and discover the new things that will make our living room a must have on Pinterest. Only, sometimes, the shopping trip at Ikea turns to drama: it can happen when your other half is part of the trip. Fortunately for you, dé tells you how to survive an afternoon of couple shopping at the Swedish giant!

The couple shopping trip at Ikea? A real obstacle course…

A shopping spree at Ikea is sometimes like a real obstacle course. The store is huge, you are beset with temptations every 3 meters, sometimes you have to find shortcuts, and even when you have made your choice, you must then embark on a treasure hunt to recover your purchases. So far nothing insurmountable since you know what you want (or almost). The story gets complicated when your other half decides (or accepts) to accompany you to Ikea. Those who have already tried it will know that afternoon shopping for couples can quickly turn into a nightmare. Trapped in the yellow and blue labyrinth, you risk seeing the harmony of your duo crumble over the spaces, your disagreements over the choice of the new buffet, compulsive shopping, the hour that turns, etc.

Tips for a couple shopping trip at Ikea

Don't panic, to put the odds on your side and save your relationship in the face of this impending shipwreck, here are some precious tips to apply in anticipation of your couple shopping trip at Ikea: - Make an exhaustive list of what you want to buy after having discussed it together, this will save you from wandering the aisles like two souls in pain. - Choose a suitable vehicle to transport your purchases: no, Mr. Minister's office will not fit in Madame's Twingo. - Forget Saturday and go on a weekday, you will say thank you. - Put yourself in a pleasant frame of mind: if it is already the chore before even having crossed the doors of the store, it is better to abstain. - Only take a shopping cart if you have bulky items to transport (otherwise, believe us, it will fill up visibly despite you). - Plan a snack break between the first floor and the ground floor to take a break and take stock of your purchases. - Consider getting help with the assembly of Ikea furniture, this will prevent the crisis from occurring at home rather than on the shelves! And above all, co-mmu-ni-quez, we can never repeat it enough. Enjoy your stay in Swedish land!