My furnishing ideas for a sleek family living room

My furnishing ideas for a sleek family living room

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Alicia, from the lifestyle, outings, fashion and decoration blog Doudou and Stiletto, deciphers for us the new Alinéa new products for the 2016 school year. Focus on the show, which we want more than ever to be simple, welcoming, cozy and functional!

Back to simplicity

For fall-winter 2016, Alinéa is opting for a return to simplicity. No more overdose of colors or too crowded rooms! This season, we will favor strong pieces to install in a refined interior with Scandinavian looks. Before choosing your furniture, it will be necessary to give a facelift to your walls and your floor. White parquet is trendy, provided you choose a quality paint that will not turn gray over the months. For walls, everything is allowed under two conditions: the first, to opt not for wallpaper but for painting. The second, to choose a clear tone, which will allow you to “let go” in terms of the colors of the furniture.

The centerpiece: a cozy sofa

The first piece of furniture to choose will be the sofa. For a family, we will choose a 3 seater sofa with welcoming curves and a comfortable seat. The gray mottled sofa (ASTORIA) and the falsely retro legs will be perfect! To match the sofa: the coffee table. So why not fall for a sofa, if you have the space? It is the ideal piece of furniture for placing remote controls for television, magazines, a tablet or glasses for an aperitif. To make your living room more cozy, do not hesitate to accumulate the cushions. All styles and all colors are allowed, and 5 or 6 linen cushions (SAINT TROPEZ) will add flavor to any interior. On the light side, we will opt for a refined model like WOODY in dark wood effect.

Practical storage and design

For storage, a large functional piece of furniture will do the trick, like the LORENA composition in which you can absolutely store everything, from books to the hi-fi system, including tablecloths or children's toys. Such a shelf saves you the accumulation of storage furniture, no need for a sideboard, a shelf or even a chest of drawers in the living room! If you need an office in the living room, take a look at the EMILIE model. A discreet desk that you can easily customize by customizing its drawers with graphic wallpaper. Since you have chosen sober furniture - gray and oak colors - let go of the choice of the office chair. Cozy and duck blue with the CHARLIE chair, industrial and fir green with the INDUS model, or original and personalized with the JOY chairs whose various seats, legs and colors will allow you to indulge in Mix & Match! You'll be spoiled for choice ! Finally, we do not forget the children. The living room should be thought of as the main living space for the whole family! Why not arrange a mini space just for them in a corner of the living room? For example with a table that will allow them to express their creativity without limits! Smile, a new year begins for your living room and your home!

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