Concretes from Clara, a family specializing in waxed concrete

Concretes from Clara, a family specializing in waxed concrete

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Since 2008, the Moure family has declined its offer of waxed concrete. A material that can be applied to any medium, and in any room in the house, it gives a new dimension to its interior.

Clara's concrete is above all a family story, Clara being the last daughter of Philippe Moure. He himself is the son of a cement manufacturer from the Loiret region. Today it is his other daughter, Justine Moure, who follows in his footsteps.

Having been in contact with construction concrete for a long time, Philippe Moure “knew how to detect the potential of this material to develop it and use it as a decorative coating, for the interior of the house”. This family business has developed over 50 colors of waxed concrete. Tinted in the mass thanks to natural pigments, to “obtain anthracite gray, maroon concretes, in terracotta, pastel and more flashy shades”.

In addition to proposing the laying of waxed concrete covering at the national level, thanks to partner craftsmen. Clara's concretes, which are also manufacturers of their raw materials, offer complete ready-to-use kits, for individuals wishing to carry out the work themselves. A manual with lots of good advice is slipped into each kit, in order to obtain the best possible result. In addition to being aesthetic, this material has the distinction of being very easy to maintain because it is a seamless coating. Clara's concretes is also training for professionals wishing to learn the technique of waxed concrete, and why not join this network of specialists.

Justine Moure also launched her own brand of waxed concrete decorative objects in 2016. “Junny offers lamps with designer lines and vintage bulbs, Scandinavian style waxed concrete side tables and decorative robot-shaped figurines with tart colors ”. Contact : Clara's concretes, Exhibition showroom, 24 avenue Gaillardin, 45200 Montargis Sites: / / (future eshop for the sale of kit to come)