Homemade bed canopy

Homemade bed canopy

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Do you want to bring a romantic or cozy touch to your room? Look no further, this DIY is for you! What could be better than an elegant sheer canopy to make your room or that of your child a pretty cocoon? Follow us, we take you to our little decorative cloud to make the canopy of your dreams.

What you need:

- A plastic hoop or a wooden embroidery drum with a minimum diameter of 30 cm - 2 curtains of the color of your choice - Ribbon or fishing line - A hook - A drill - A cutter - Transparent adhesive tape

Steps :

1. If you have chosen the embroidery hoop, you can skip this first step. If on the contrary you have chosen the plastic hoop, you will have to make a little more effort since you have to find a way to insert your sheer around the circular frame of your hoop. To do this, heat the blade of your cutter for a few seconds and carefully cut your hoop in a place to open it. 2. Open your embroidery hoop or take your hoop now open. Insert the eyelets or the legs of your curtains one by one using your support like a circular curtain rod.

3. The daring ones who have chosen the plastic hoop option are once again entitled to one more step! You must indeed close your hoop using transparent adhesive tape. Tighten firmly and do not hesitate to make several turns to make sure that your support is solid. The others only have to close the embroidery drum with the system provided for this purpose. 4. Cut 2 pieces of fishing line or ribbon about 80 cm. Fold them in half and tie a knot with the whole, leaving a loop at the end (this will be your main attachment for hanging the canopy). Then attach each end of the wire to the four "corners" of the hoop (like a cross) to stabilize your canopy. 5. Make a hole in the wall or ceiling depending on where you want to hang your canopy to attach the hook. Hang your beautiful DIY on it and nicely place the curtains around your bed. 6. If you wish, you can also accessorize your bed canopy with a light garland or a feather boa for an even more cozy atmosphere. Sheer grommets (DIESE), more chic, or with legs (NILA), more economical, plain (LIVIA) or patterns (STAR), it's up to you to choose the option that will enhance your bed canopy and at the same time all the atmosphere of your bedroom! Photo credit: lilitirebouton, remodelista,,

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