Kitchen / living room divider

Kitchen / living room divider

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A discreet separation

This piece of furniture marks the passage from one zone to another of the room, without constituting a material separation. In addition to the structure fixed to the wall, a table can act as a worktop and dining table, while an upper platform accommodates and conceals the lighting system (spots).

A clever set

Rather than losing the wall space between the kitchen and the living room, we set up a wooden skeleton structure, both elegant and practical, since it allows to fix shelves and other elements storage. Also, for reasons related to the decoration and the function of this set, choose an easy-to-maintain wood (varnished to be washable).

Tools & materials

• Screwdriver drill
Three point wick
Flat wick
Masonry drill bits
Circular saw
Hammer -
Tray butted with rounded edges
Planks and cleats
Countersunk screw
Anchor bolts
Threaded rods
Acorn nuts with cross slotted head

The length of the uprights

It is equal to the number of horizontal planks to which is added the same number of spaces plus one: there is indeed a space at the top and bottom for the support on the plinth and for the adaptation of the horizontal plate. Know-how © La maison rustique - éditions Flammarion, 2005