How to sleep cool in the middle of summer?

How to sleep cool in the middle of summer?

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Arrange your room for a cool night

To better support the heat wave, we remove the duvet and put green plants!  

During a heat wave, take the time to set up your sleeping area before bed. Some preparations are indeed necessary to guarantee you a night without heatstroke:

  1. Place your mattress as close to the floor as possible, or lower it one floor, as is well known: hot air rises.
  2. Remove the blankets, booster cushions and carpets that retain the heat, and replace them with plants.
  3. As for bed linen, opt for cotton or linen sheets, which are the warmest available on the market.
  4. If you have a ceiling fan, set it so that the blades rotate counterclockwise so that the hot air is drawn up.
  5. Open the windows wide but do not close the curtains so that the air circulates as much as possible.
  6. Hang wet sheets or towels in front of the windows so that the fresh air reaches you by evaporation. A humid atmosphere promotes sleep all the more.
  7. Unplug all electronic devices such as television, your computer, your chargers ... All are sources of heat.
  8. Dress in your lightest and widest pajamas, ideally cotton.
  9. Dine light.
  10. Drink water. Again and again.

The essential accessories for a summer night at the right temperature

Small extra appliances that do good in the room for adults and children!  

The two essential accessories for a cool and soothing night?

  1. A fan. The best investment you can make this summer! Let it run all night in the room to keep the air going continuously, or opt for a timer fan to just help you fall asleep.
  2. A fogger (available in supermarkets), or a spray to fill before bed. You can keep it handy to spray water on your face and legs overnight. Associated with the fan, the fogger is the foolproof parade against heatstroke.

Tips tested and approved for sleeping cool

The hammock facilitates air circulation. We adopt it in the bedroom!  

If the thermometer explodes and the heat remains untenable despite your best efforts, a few additional tips could save you:

  1. Place bottles of fresh or even frozen water in front of the fan. You will get a cool breeze more than welcome.
  2. Install a basin of cold water next to the bed to soak your feet in case of heat stroke overnight.
  3. If your flooring allows, wet it with a mop before jumping into your bed. This tip is a good way to lower the room temperature and keep the environment cool.
  4. Take a good cold shower just before bed. Two if necessary. And even a third overnight if necessary.
  5. Sleep in a hammock, if space permits. This type of suspended bed allows more free air circulation.
  6. Fall asleep to the sound of the waves to fool your brain. With this false sea breeze effect, the fresh atmosphere is guaranteed!
  7. And have you thought about the ice water bottle? Very effective !