The decoration of a stenciled piece of furniture

The decoration of a stenciled piece of furniture

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Keep it simple

A decoration painted on a piece of furniture is not a painting: an overly complex pattern is not "legible" and it generally poses serious difficulties when applying color. Remember that two or more stencils must be used when the same pattern has linked and variously colored parts. Also avoid multiplying colors, even for a child's room. Choose one or two dominant tones and introduce a few different colored notes to create rhythm.

Brush or sponge

The color is usually applied with a stencil brush. You can also opt for small pieces of synthetic foam sponge to obtain a different, less fine grain, which gives a grainy appearance. Experiment on a piece of paper to judge the effect.

Tools & materials

• Stencil brush
Screwdriver -
Masking tape
Oil colors in sticks

Colored sticks

They look like big pastels, but they are very different. They are indeed oil colors which have the same qualities as tube paint for artists, but they come in solid form. However, as soon as the protective film has been removed, the material resumes a pasty consistency which allows easy application. This film re-forms by itself when you no longer use the stick. You can buy these sticks individually or in a box. Note that not all colors have the same resistance to light - theoretically, the manufacturer gives the index for each.

Buy it or cut it?

Today we find many pre-cut stencils, offering very diverse patterns, for children's rooms as for those of parents: floral or geometric friezes, geometric designs for angles, characters or animals that can be repeat to form a frieze… But you will also easily cut your own stencils (on PVC film or crystal acetate) by looking for motif ideas in magazines and books. There are even collections of motifs for decoration, which are a real mine for lovers of stencil decorations. Know-how © La maison rustique - éditions Flammarion, 2005