Paint a glass cloth

Paint a glass cloth

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A structured surface

Glass cloth is a more or less fine mesh material, which gives the background a structured appearance, without however dressing the wall like a classic fabric. At the same time, this support to paint is warmer than a classic painting, thanks to its texture. The glass cloth is suitable for an entry as well as in a bedroom or a living room.


Glass cloth is a light coating that does not require careful preparation of the bottoms - otherwise the cracks and holes would quickly be visible on the surface. However, like the canvas strips embedded in the plaster, it prevents the reappearance of living cracks. Entirely in fiberglass, it is sold in rolls of variable width and it is very light.

Tools and materials

• Triangular scraper
Painter's knife
Coating knife
Round brush
Roll "walls and ceilings"
Scraper spatula
Upholsterer's scissors
Upholsterer table
Glass cloth glue

Glue and paint at the same time

The glue for glass cloth is in fact a paint glue - is in fact a paint glue - or a paint-glue. It produces the same effect as a matt acrylic paint. Know-how © La maison rustique - éditions Flammarion, 2005