Hang a collection of objects to energize the walls

Hang a collection of objects to energize the walls

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If you have had enough of the white and wise walls, here is a decorative tip for and enliven your facades. The idea is simple but offbeat: you just have to spread out your collections of objects on the walls. Make way for a very whimsical and original staging… Plates, paintings, hats, baskets, vases, mirrors, glasses… We don't suspect it, but when many objects of the same kind come together, they take on a look, create a rhythm and are enough to set the tone for a piece. What matters is taking sides: either you want to assert a tidy and well-aligned atmosphere by choosing objects of the same size that look alike, or you decide to create a mismatched and moving atmosphere.

Giant patchwork in the living room

Fancy a geometric look in the living room? Consider hanging on the wall a string of tables of one and only format by placing them side by side to form a giant square. Sublime rendering guaranteed! Another option: use reflections by hanging a host of small and large mirrors to create a multifaceted effect that will give the room a feeling of space.

In the kitchen, the dishes escape from the cupboards

Imagine that plates or glasses escape from cupboards: playing on transparency, patterns, sizes and colors becomes child's play. By daring a facade covered with small, medium and large glasses or plates, some striped, others with dots or painted patterns, the cuisine is poetic and enchants us. Just hang a nylon thread on the back of each dish that you hang on nails, and arrange the glasses on mini consoles.

Bedroom side, the walls are glamorous

Rather than putting the jewelry in small boxes, let us take advantage of the walls! With a few mini nails, voila. Thanks to the loops, bracelets, necklaces and necklaces, the facade takes on an air of precious painting, it shines, it sparkles ... We can also prefer a collection of hats to brighten up the wall! Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"