DIY kids: make little ladybugs for fun

DIY kids: make little ladybugs for fun

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The little ermine now offers a recycling workshop: it is with boxes of eggs that children can make lots of ladybugs for fun Funny little toys, made by themselves and with 3 times nothing in terms of equipment! And as you know, sometimes it does not take much to amuse our dear fair-haired heads: I am convinced that these little ladybugs will have multiple adventures once made! The workshop will require the handling of a large needle and a hot glue gun, so be careful, it is not a question of letting your children do all this alone: ​​they will of course need your help. And with a little imagination, you can make other nice insects from egg cartons, to complete the collection! (ants, bees, spiders? ...)


- an empty box of eggs - black acrylic paint and several other colors of your children's choice. - chenille thread in colors to match the paint - very flexible black wire - mini pompoms (found in the creative leisure departments), this is optional. - moving eyes - a large pair of scissors - paintbrushes - a black Posca-type felt - a large needle - a hot glue gun


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