Integrate the toilet in the bathroom

Integrate the toilet in the bathroom

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Saving space or comfort of a second toilet space in the house: whatever the reason that pushes you to integrate toilets in the bathroom, here is the advice to follow to properly arrange these two spaces in one. In a studio or in a first apartment where you live alone or as a couple, installing a toilet area in the bathroom allows you to optimize the space, without excessively making access to the toilets excessive. In a home that already has sanitary facilities, adding toilets to the bathroom is synonymous with comfort and practicality. Either way, the privacy of the bathroom and toilet must be preserved when these two spaces merge into one. On the program: a well-separated room.

Discreet toilets separate from the shower area

There are many tips for partially isolating the toilet in the bathroom. By concealing them behind a screen, a storage unit, or a half-partition made of glass pavers or plaster, the toilets are discreet. So, when a family member is in the shower, the small corner remains accessible. The other good idea that does not require additional installation? Use the wall of the shower or the bathtub as a partition! To note : in an existing bathroom, installing suspended toilets is easy. This choice will allow easy maintenance and a more aesthetic rendering thanks to the piping system concealed in the frames to be fixed to the wall or the floor. Last point: installing controlled mechanical ventilation in a bathroom without windows is more necessary with the installation of toilets. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"