All you need to know about holiday accommodation labels

All you need to know about holiday accommodation labels

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The dates are set, the destination chosen, your summer vacation promises to be under the best auspices. It remains to choose your holiday accommodation. offers you a small guide to labels, just to help you see more clearly and opt for the one that meets your expectations.


Founded fifty-six years ago, the "Gîtes de France" label allows individuals to book holiday accommodation in the mountains, by the sea, in the countryside. A park of accommodation including: - Rural lodgings: independent hirings hired at the week, for the weekend or in short stay. The comfort level of each gîte is indicated by a pictogram in the form of ears of corn (from 1 to 5 ears of corn). - Guest rooms: this is the "French bed and breakfast". Vacationers are staying with the locals for one or more nights. - Group lodgings: with their capacity from 12 to 50 people, they are perfectly suited to welcoming groups of friends or large families. - Children's shelters: via a network of families approved by the label, these shelters welcome children aged 4 to 15 during school holidays.


Since 1970, the "Bienvenue à la ferme" label, initiated by the Permanent Assembly of Chambers of Agriculture, has relied on a network of more than 6,000 farmers who offer tourists accommodation in guesthouses and lodges. or camping while discovering local products and life on the farm.


Campsites labeled "Camping Quality" are subject to strict and precise commitments and regular checks on more than six hundred criteria. This label is committed to offering customers of the campsites concerned a warm welcome, impeccable cleanliness, well-kept private pitches and a valued and respected environment.


This label allows disabled tourists to favor vacation places suited to their needs. The accommodation is very diverse: lodges, guesthouses, hotels, campsites. The label also applies to restaurants, leisure sites and tourist sites. It is divided into four pictograms according to the handicap: motor, visual, hearing, mental handicap.


Created by the union of great hoteliers and chefs over fifty years ago, the Relais & Châteaux label has a network of independent establishments which is today a benchmark of excellence in the fields of catering and hospitality. From unusual places to the most prestigious, the Relais & Châteaux label invites tourists on a unique journey.


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