Mistakes to avoid in choosing your flooring

Mistakes to avoid in choosing your flooring

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When choosing a floor covering for the home, there are no real rules. Whether you prefer solid parquet, vinyl flooring, colorful carpet or even patterned tiles, it is above all a question of taste and budget. On the other hand, there are certain mistakes to avoid which are often due to misconceptions. Here are some tips for choosing the right flooring and not making a mistake!

Mistake # 1: multiply the floors throughout the house

It is a mistake to believe that it is better to change the floor for each room. By opting for the same type of floor, you will keep a visual unity that will allow you to save space and enlarge a small apartment. However, you can choose a different coating for rooms like the bathroom and the kitchen, which require special treatment, with tiles or floor tiles for example.

Mistake # 2: thinking that the carpet is not hygienic

If the carpet once had a bad reputation, we know today that it is no less hygienic than other floor coverings. Indeed, the carpet retains the dust inside its fibers until the passage of the vacuum cleaner while on a smooth floor, the dust moves at the slightest draft. So you can opt for comfortable and colorful carpet without worry.

Mistake # 3: believe parquet is an expensive coating

If solid parquet represents a significant cost, you should know that you can also opt for cheaper laminated parquet. This type of coating consists of two or three layers and it is only the top layer which has the desired essence. It thus makes it possible to offer noble or less common woods without the costs soaring. On the other hand, the installation is to be taken into account in the cost of the parquet. Be aware that a floating pose will be more economical than a glued pose.

Mistake N ° 4: choose only tiling, carpet or parquet

Today the choice of floor coverings is almost endless! Besides tiling, carpeting and parquet, you can opt for a natural coating such as seagrass, coconut or sisal. For a coarser effect, choose waxed concrete whose installation must be carried out by a professional.

Finally for simplicity without neglecting originality, know that PVC or vinyl coverings now have very interesting decorations. We thus find imitations of wood, concrete, stone and even digital prints of photos. In a word: you have a choice!