Sophie la Girafe celebrates its 50 years

Sophie la Girafe celebrates its 50 years

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Who does not know the famous toy Sophie la Girafe? The children's accomplice is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year! Besides, it is no longer just a rubber toy, it also comes in decoration.

Children's toy

Created in 1961 by the company Delacoste, the toy quickly became a cult item for all children. Made in France, the pretty giraffe takes its name from its baptism day, Saint Sophie's day.

The dishes

In 1981, the Vulli company bought the Delacoste company and decided to develop the Giraffe empire. So there is now a whole range of dishes with the image of the best friend of the little ones. Meals become fun thanks to the little giraffe and tart colors in shades of green.

The furniture

And the house is not to be outdone because there are now furniture and objects for the little ones' room! Toy chests, coat racks, height rods and other accessories are adorned with Sophie the Giraffe spotted in black and brown. Discover our selection of Sophie la Girafe accessories. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"