These little luxuries you can afford at home

These little luxuries you can afford at home

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Stylish decor and low prices: incompatible? Not so sure ! From flea market items to artisanal creation 2.0, including small accessories from great designers, plants and small decorative items, focus on the best anti-crisis tips to live the luxury of decoration without compromising your savings.

Small decorative objects that change everything

In decoration, as in life, happiness is made of small things. Sometimes small, well-placed and not (necessarily) expensive objects are enough to work miracles in interiors… and good for morale! Exit the lot of chairs designed by Charles Eames… We opt for the voluntary sobriety of the furniture and we add small decorative touches which have the knack of being noticed like stylized coat hooks, designer lampshades, cushions with graphic prints or photographic jumbles… These little decorative details are like smiles: they cost nothing (or not much) but have an effect!

Compose a jumble of your best photos with this metal wall photo holder ... And smile!

Flowers and green plants

A few fresh flowers and green plants are sometimes enough to give life to an interior. So invite nature to your home! For a nice graphic effect, bet on a kentia. To travel from your stay, opt for a beaucarnéa or, more economical, a dracaena. To revel in the beauty of foliage, adopt a ficus tree. Finally, for colors, treat yourself to some seasonal flowers. Advantage? There are several money-saving tips to decorate your home with flowers and green plants without finishing… without a radish in your pocket: 1 / Put your sights on young plants, smaller but also more economical (you will have plenty of time to see them grow in your interior). 2 / Go for a walk at the market, flowers are minted at reduced prices. 3 / Try the cuttings technique to multiply your shoots ... for free!

A green window sill, accessible luxury!

Small accessories, great creators

Do you dream of offering yourself a unique piece designed by a designer without going into debt for 10 years? Bet on the small accessories of the great creators! No doubt you will be surprised to know that it is possible to find a Philippe Starck decanter for less than 30 euros, a Constance Guisset diffuser - failing to have its superb Vertigo pendant light which slightly exceeds our budget - for less than 50 euros or a Petite Friture cushion for less than 20 euros. Watch for announcements of Monoprix capsule collections, La redoute and co - watch for you!

We love the Petite Friture x La Redoute capsule collection!

How to give a luxurious air to your interior thanks to DIY!

With ten little fingers, a toolbox, an ounce of imagination, a little elbow grease (and quality tutorials) you can have fun without hurting your wallet. Add wheels to an old weathered wooden crate unearthed in Aunt Odile's garage and you will get a super trendy roller crate for storing magazines, toys or a mini vegetable patch. Stack several boxes and they will make up a bookcase, a wall shelf or even a shoe closet. Customize your cans with a little spray paint, fabric, string or clothespins and they reveal a pretty plant pot, a beautiful lantern, smart storage or accessories for green walls . So many easy and economical DIY ideas that will surely brighten up your interior with a "I did it!" Touch ... And you can be proud of it!

A spray of golden paint will give a luxury side to all your DIY!

Small creators and personalized objects

Isn't luxury, in the end, about owning unique objects in one's own image? It is possible - and very affordable - thanks to the small creators found on platforms such as Etsy, Dawanda, A Little Market and others. So, at our darling Ariane from Silly & Billy, we can ask to personalize small wooden and fabric frames. Ariane's fairy fingers will embroider your sweetest thoughts and dreams ...

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